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Explore the captivating world of FX projects meticulously crafted by The Mill, where our global talents unleash their full spectrum…
The Mill "FX Reel"
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Explore the captivating world of FX projects meticulously crafted by The Mill, where our global talents unleash their full spectrum of skills to serve an array of diverse clients—Burberry, Hennessy, Renault, Jean Paul Gaultier, and many more. From iconic brands to visionary designers, The Mill brings expertise to every project, creating unforgettable effects such as explosions, ocean simulations, fire, dust, and celestial particles. Immerse yourself in a compilation of our finest work, artfully curated by our editor Zoe Izzard, showcasing the innovation and creativity that define The Mill's commitment to delivering unparalleled visual experiences.

"Navigating the intricate and time-sensitive landscape of VFX in advertising demands nothing but top-tier talent capable of delivering stunning visuals within tight deadlines. Every project presents us with a unique challenge and a chance to raise our own high standards even further.

I'm thrilled to share the collective mastery and dedication that have shaped The Mill’s latest Epic FX Reel. It stands as a true testament to the incredible skill and commitment of our global team of artists."

Selcuk Ergen, Head of CG

"Even after two decades in the VFX industry, I continue to be amazed by the incredible talent of my colleagues. The standards and realism improve each year, and as an in-house editor at The Mill, one of my greatest joys is editing reels like this one. Featuring the finest FX shots from top commercials across our global studios, what's not to love about a job like mine?"

Zoe Izzard, Editor

"In the public's subconscious, when FX is mentioned, there's an expectation of witnessing grand explosions. While explosions are indeed part of FX, they encompass a wide array of effects, from the conspicuous to the subtle. At The Mill, we have the capability to navigate this extensive spectrum. This includes heavy simulations involving calculations for stormy oceans or waves, as seen in the film Prada or the latest "Divine" campaign for Jean Paul Gaultier. We've crafted simulations of voluptuous clouds unfolding for "Invictus," delicately peeling paint from a vintage aircraft in the latest Renault "Rafale" commercial, and set sequins in motion for Rabane. Additionally, we've ventured into the realm of haute couture, creating a gown made of stardust for Mugler's "Angel." What makes these effects noteworthy is their foundation in physical constraints and realities. Often, they are ingeniously manipulated to align with or contribute to the aesthetic and narrative of a film."

Benjamin Lenfant, FX Artist


Editor: Zoe Izzard

Head of CG: Selcuk Ergen

Executive Creative Director: Carsten Keller

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