People & Culture

Our legacy is our future.

Our legacy is our future.

We are highly respected in the global creative community for the standard of our work, our dedication and commitment to innovation. We are artists, thinkers, makers, innovators, technologists, perfectionists, designers, developers, originators, collaborators, pioneers, cultivators, trail-blazers. We are The Mill.

We seek to work with the best talent from across the industry and develop our people to grow and influence the creative community beyond our own studios.

Our teams execute every project with precision and pride. Our artists, producers, directors and creative technologists are from multinational backgrounds. We nurture innovation, flexibility and diverse ideas across our studios to create extraordinary and memorable work that captivates and excites audiences.

Our culture

There is a strong company culture at The Mill focused on working hard together to deliver world class creative work and constantly challenging the way we do things. We all understand the importance of collaboration at every step of a project and will not settle until we have over-delivered on our clients expectations.

Our culture is underpinned by our values:

  • creative excellence
  • innovation & craft
  • passion & bravery
  • client experience
  • inclusivity & belonging
  • people & projects
  • human connection

We work hard to maintain an engaged community at The Mill which fosters creativity and commitment. Find out more about our company culture.

Hybrid Working Policy

The world of work is changing and The Mill is proud to offer our staff a flexible, hybrid working environment.

We love welcoming staff and visitors to our busy creative studio in the heart of Soho, but we also recognize that a Hybrid Working policy is beneficial for the wellbeing of our staff and helps to facilitate more inclusive and equitable working patterns and arrangements.

You can read more about our hybrid policy here.

Our Creativity Needs Diversity

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive company culture. The Mill will always respect, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals and their talents because we fundamentally believe our creativity needs diversity. We are our most creative when we work together across diverse backgrounds, cultures, geographies and human experiences. We know the diverse perspectives of our staff is what makes us so creative.

Our Equal Opportunities policy aims to address the entire employment life cycle, from talent acquisition to rewards and ongoing development. We have an active DE&I team across the organization which includes 4 members of our executive team, who oversee all matters relating to gender equality, race, identity, and ability. This includes the development of policies, training and community outreach initiatives, alongside an ethos that aims to help individuals be their best by making adjustments and supporting them where necessary while offering a flexible working environment where possible.

Our DE&I Mission: To always respect, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals and their talents.

Our Intent:

  • Ensure The Mill is an inclusive workplace for everyone by removing barriers that hinder people from being themselves and their very best
  • Build and maintain a community where all staff feel safe, included and accepted for who they are
  • Hold ourselves to account with an actionable plan and ongoing measurement
  • Attract, nurture and retain the best talent in the industry irrespective of their background

We are:

  • Committed to genuine change in our business and the wider industry
  • Investing in our people: time, budget, training and ongoing development
  • Facilitating open discussion & debate
  • Tracking our progress and ongoing performance

Community Outreach initiatives

We have studios in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seoul, Shanghai, and Bangalore.

We have partnered with a number of community outreach initiatives in these cities aiming to offer insight, guidance and support for anyone interested in joining our industry. Keep up to date on all community outreach news.

Actions & Accountability

At The Mill, our teams are always looking for ways to evolve, grow and learn from each other and our collective experiences. Listening to each other with compassion and embracing change with an open mind are key to helping us work towards creating a progressive and inclusive culture that puts our people first.

In order to continue making progress towards a truly equitable workforce, we must take action and hold ourselves accountable. We are aware that we have a lot of work to do, but we are taking the following steps to help us move towards our goals.


The Mill’s London office has endorsed the #Timeto pledge to end sexual harassment in the UK advertising and marketing industry. The initiative brings together a growing group of advertisers, marketers, media agencies, media owners and clients who are committed to ensuring that everyone working in our industry is free to work in a safe environment without fear of abuse. Find out more about the pledges and its goals.


We are participating in an exciting new mentorship program called .movtogether which aims to support creatives from underrepresented backgrounds who are looking to get into the industry. Find out more about .mov.


Our London studio is home to Adtext, the leading supplier of subtitles and audio description for the UK’s advertising industry, who work closely with disability charities to promote social inclusion. Find out more about Adtext.

Website Accessibility

We adhere to the following parameters on our website to ensure the design is as accessible as possible:

  • Making sure type size is legible across all breakpoints (desktop, tablet & mobile)
  • Ensuring text is a readable contrast
  • Ensuring clear interaction & hover states
  • The website has been built with the ability to navigate using the keyboard

The Environment

We believe that we can make a positive contribution to society, the environment, our people and our business by managing our activities with care and respecting our immediate and wider environment.  We regularly review the actions we can take to further minimise our impact. The Mill has a Corporate Responsibility Policy document available to all clients & stakeholders and each Mill studio endeavours to make the minimum environmental impact through a series of actions which we continually review, here are some examples of actions taken so far:

  • All electricity in our London and New York studios is 100% renewable
  • 30% of the energy in our Los Angeles studio is renewable
  • We have implemented 10 EV charging stations in our Los Angeles studio
  • All three of our server farms have sustainability efforts:  MicrosoftAmazon, Google 
  • There is a ban on plastic straws or disposable cups across global studios

We have achieved the following in our London studio and our intent is to implement similar changes globally:

  • Lighting: 95% LED and PIR system covering our studio buildings
  • PIR system for the supply of water and extracts in all washrooms
  • Drinking water: Pure water systems are used, reducing our yearly carbon footprint by 14.5 tonnes
  • A proportion of the mixed waste is recycled with the residual sent to energy waste, diverting all of it from landfill
  • Printing: one printer per floor with Follow Me Printing facility reducing paper consumption and other resources
  • Printing Paper: use wood fibre from PEFC Certified forests
  • Cleaning products: InnuScience products are certified ECOLOGO and chemical free
  • GOTS certified and planet friendly feminine hygiene products are provided

The Mill London is a member of the BIMA Sustainability Council’s first Net Carbon Negative Programme, where the council assesses our carbon emissions with the view to making reductions and eventually becoming a Net Carbon Negative studio.

Marketing ethics

As a company, we will not knowingly work on projects which contain statements, suggestions or images offensive to general public decency and will give appropriate consideration to the impact of the projects we work on, specifically on minority sections of the population. Nor do we undertake work on tobacco advertising and we do not work with great apes.

Our work with PETA

Learn more about The Great Ape Humane Pledge

Supply Chain, Modern Slavery ethics

The Mill operates in the advertising and marketing sectors which have straightforward supply chains. This makes the risk of modern slavery or human trafficking low. Nevertheless, we understand the importance of combatting slavery and human trafficking and our duty to take steps to tackle the issue.

We have all relevant provisions in our supplier contracts to ensure slavery and human trafficking does not exist in our supply chains or in any part of our business. We also train our staff to ensure a high-level understanding of the risks and how to further increase transparency in our supply chain, regularly reviewing and updating our policies and procedures in relation to procurement and purchasing where necessary.

Find our Modern Slavery Act Statement here

We know our creativity needs diversity and that a positive company culture is vital to our staff, clients and overall business success. We regularly review our internal culture and CSR policies. You can stay up to date on news relating to our culture in our News Feed.