KAI – ADEX 2023

The Mill’s offices in Seoul and New York collaborated to build a unique experience at the ADEX 2023 Expo in…
KAI "ADEX 2023"
Case Study

The Mill's offices in Seoul and New York collaborated to build a unique experience at the ADEX 2023 Expo in Seoul, South Korea. Our client, Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) wanted an attention-grabbing way to showcase their latest helicopter technology.

We created an installation featuring a large LED wall and robotic arms with two additional screens and a helicopter, allowing people to see the features and situational uses for KAI's helicopters, all in dynamic motion. The entire setup could be controlled from a tablet, allowing for passive or active interaction.

The installation stopped visitors in their tracks, and was a clear standout on the trade show floor. 


Agency: Mad Generator
Project Lead: Junbong Song

Production: Mill+, Experience
Technical Director: Adam Smith
Senior Developer: Rui An

VFX: The Mill
Creative Director: June Park, Yongchan Kim, Stephan Bischof
VFX Supervisor: Ian Baxter
Executive Producer: Jihoon Jun
Producer: CJ Hwang, Mingyu Choi
2D Lead Artist: Youkyung Kim
3D Lead Artist: Mike Hong
2D Artist: Somyi Yang, Minjun Kim
3D Artist: Jeonghyun Shi, Jay Kim, Hong Teo
Comp Supervisor: Venkata Mannepalli
Comp Lead: Hanuma Kondepi
Digital Matte Painting Supervisor: Gowri Velusamy D
Animation Lead: Dhruba Sinha
Tracking Lead: Sainil Borse
Production: Zahid Nazir Khan, Srinivas Bandi
Animation: Amarnath Reddy E, Jaykumar Patel, Madhurima Das Gupta, Minesh Ashok Nilankar, S Anashwara
Rigging: Dhruv Modi
Assets: Anuja Oak, Asif Mohammad, Ganesh Sonar, Jampani Amarendra, Kunnath Madhu Aswathi, Mahesh Wagh, Morisetti Srikanth, Nagendra R, Puppala Vinod Kumar, Rohit Kamble, Rutik Anil Sutar, Viraj Tendulkar, Yallamraju Venkata Raja Chandra
Comp: Anuj Bhandari, Ashique T, Chetan Ghanshyam Verma, Karthikkeyan M D, Prosanta Dey, Stevenson G, Vadamalai Sagadevan
Designers: Yit Sanalan
Motion Graphics: Adam Roche

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Katie Dymmock
Executive Producer, Colour: Leianna Campbell
Colour Producer: Dan Hills
Colour Assist: Caitlin Donaldson, Kennedy Dawson, Rory Leighton
Resource Manager: Jemma Beaumont

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