Netflix – Life on Our Planet

The Netflix and Life on Our Planet team bring prehistoric creatures to the 21st century in New 3D billboard and…
Netflix "Life on Our Planet"
Case Study

The Netflix and Life on Our Planet team bring prehistoric creatures to the 21st century in New 3D billboard and Social Campaign.

To launch Life on Our Planet, Netflix and The Mill joined forces to create a 3D Anamorphic Billboard displayed in the heart of Times Square, complemented by a suite of social assets. Using creatures created by Industrial Light & Magic directly for the series, the scientifically accurate animals were blended into the contemporary world, resulting in a resurrection of these creatures like never seen before.

The campaign highlights species such as the Smilodon, Lystrosaurus, and the Titanis, also known as the Terror Bird, all of which are emblematic creatures from the past whose descendants continue to shape our world today. Catch Life on Our Planet on Netflix!

Netflix approached The Mill to position Life on Our Planet as Netflix's most highly anticipated documentary series of the year, aiming to generate widespread awareness and an urgency to watch. Netflix wanted The Mill to develop a beautiful and engaging concept that bridges the gap between the prehistoric animals featured in Life on Our Planet and our contemporary world, creating content that is highly immersive, unique, and elicits a sense of wonder and awe. To achieve this, we created a 3D anamorphic billboard in Times Square featuring a scene inspired by the TV series: Terror Birds enter our world and survey their strange new environment until a hungry Smilodon lunges for them, narrowly missing its target. The Smilodon then peers out over the passersby below before unleashing a fearsome roar over New York. It was a pleasure to be part of this project and to bring these creatures to life.

Mike Rocco, Director of the 3D Billboard

Direction: Mill+
Director of Photography: Al Benoit

Editorial: The Mill
Edit Assist: Joseph Zappulla

Production: Mill Experience
Director of Experience, USA: Jocelyn Birsch
Executive Creative Director: Mike Rocco
Creative Director: Ben Closson and Magdalena Cebula
Executive Producer: Moira Mahoney
Producer: Maria Hill
Associate Producer: Dakota Hill
Associate Production Manager: Utkarsha Santosh Shinde, Gauri Dilip Kulkarni
Production Coordinator: Rahul Sasidharan
Pitch Artist: Susan McCormick

VFX: The Mill
VFX Supervisor: Brendan Fitzgerald
DFX Supervisor: Sumeet Ravikiran Chavan
2D Lead Artist: Toya Drechsler, Sarah Marikar
Asset Supervisor: James Chan
Animation: John Wilson, Jacob Fadkin
Groom: Corinne DeOrsay
Modeling: Quinn Thompson
Rigging: Daishi Takshima
Lighting: Lucy Choi, Sergi Volkov
FX: Daniel Moreno
Previsualization: Connor Tracy
Compositing: Luke Yalva, Vivekananthan Rajasekaran
Designers: Geoffrey Skrajewski, Devin Hayes, Eddie Livingstone
Storyboard Artist: Roger Hom
Roto Supervisor: Sivakumar R
Roto Lead: Yogesh Ahire
Roto Artist: Paromita Biswas
Prep Supervisor: Noushad Kallingal
Prep Lead: Kaushik Manna
Prep Artist: Baljinder Singh, Pradeep Kankanala, Kaushik Manna
DMP Supervisor: Gowri Velusamy D
DMP Artist: Premanand Shivanand Naik, Jibin Baby P
Creature Supervisor : Sandeep V S
3D Lead: Shravan Srikanth
3D Artist: Tushar Sethi, Tarun Nishad, Akash Deodhum Humne, Joydip Sarkar, Sandip Dhole, Akhil Panicker, Kapil Singh Rana, Chauhan Yash
Animation Supervisor: Sukanta Chakraborty
Animation Artist: Chinnaiya, Upendar Boppi, Shreyas Suresh Kulkarni, Amarnath Reddy E, Dhruba Sinha, Ravi Panwar, Dhruba Sinha, Anjal KB, Shreyas Suresh Kulkarni
Lighting Supervisor: Aritra Sarkar
Lighting Lead: Sujith Sasankan
Lighting Artist: Trinath Sarkar, Garima Yadav
Matchmove Supervisor: Elangovan Ganeshan
Matchmove Lead: Smijumon Viswanathan
Matchmove Artist: Kiran Auti, Mubin Munaf Qureshi, Nagendra R, Namrata Yadav, Vurukuti Siva Sarweswar

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