Lancôme – Idôle

Lancôme unveils its new Idole perfume campaign starring Zendaya. This ad transports viewers through breathtaking landscapes, including the desert, snow,…
Lancôme "Idôle"
Case Study

Lancôme unveils its new Idole perfume campaign starring Zendaya. This ad transports viewers through breathtaking landscapes, including the desert, snow, meadow, sea and highlights the timeless charm of the Lancôme brand.

Bringing this audacious vision to life, The Mill Paris has executed spectacular visual effects, showcasing their remarkable compositing work. The seamless integration, meticulous retouching, and mesmerizing sky replacements create a captivating atmosphere. Moreover, the studio has crafted a stunning 3D canyon, where Zendaya and her horse elegantly soar.

The Mill Paris was supported by their colleagues at The Mill Bangalore for rotoscoping and 3D tracking. This campaign has been made possible through the close collaboration between The Mill Paris & Publicis Luxe, Director Jessy Moussalem, Phantasm production & Lancôme.

The Mill’s Parisian and Indian team made creative direction of the epic movie, using their imagination to transport us into a real Chilean landscape. We created a huge canyon and a lot of matte paintings for create different environments in Chili.

First of all, the most important was the canyon and the multiple skies. In addition to setting the mood board and creating a universe, we worked with the team on the narrative with the collaboration with Yann Malcor and began to create a huge canyon.

This canyon enabled us to establish a solid working base from a creative, artistic and technical point of view. It was a real pleasure to accept this challenge as creative studio. It is quite complex to make a realistic canyon and especially when Zendaya has to jump above. We rise to the challenge brilliantly. It enabled us to interact directly with the client, to approve or reject modifications and to move forward more efficiently during the production and also afterwards for the VFX step.

It was a great collaboration with Marouan and Damien, they are both great perfectionists and do not just create a set, every detail counts. It is extremely satisfying to work with such concerned people. A big well done to the whole team, who did a great job and were very positive throughout the production. We are all very proud of ourselves.

This was my first time working with Lancôme at the Mill, and first time for me to work with in pairs as a vfx producer, with Ghalia Chammat, which was a real pleasure and I couldn’t have wished for anything better.

I was impatient to be able to continue working with Publicis Luxe and Lancôme. The collaboration was perfect with Publicis agency creatives Fanny Burrato, Marie-Eve Schoettl and David Soussan, who wrote a great script.I am very satisfied with the final result, the in-house team was very committed and attentive to every detail. The working atmosphere remained very positive, and I think that really shows in the final result. You could say it was a pleasure project because the final images are brilliant, and the collaboration was perfect, with a lot of mutual trust and respect.

- Laura Roddier, Post Producer

On the CG side, we had to make a realistic canyon, which is present in different types of shots: wide, top and closeup. We chose to work on the shot to have maximum control over it and to be able to respond quickly to the demands of the creative team and clients. For the wide shot, we set up the canyon as a semi-procedural, allowing us to change the look and shape of the canyon fairly quickly without altering its natural appearance.

After several proposals and in close collaboration with the creative team, we were able to validate the canyon look. Our FX team also had to make snow and smoke, while the compositing team had to integrate the CG and the various skies designed by the DMPs.

We were supported by The Mill Bangalore team for the track and the tricky rotoscoping, which required the hair to be precisely cropped. We were also able to work with Gowri "DMP Supervisor in Bangalore", (who was in Paris for a few weeks) and we really enjoyed working with him, he's a very talented person.

It was a pleasant project, and the relationship with the clients was fluid and efficient. I'd like to thank everyone who worked on the project. Well done and thank you all!

- Marouan El Bekri, CG Supervisor
Publicis Luxe
Jessy Moussalem
VFX Studio
The Mill Paris
Editor : Yann Malcor, Chloé Charrier, Antoine Zimer
Executive Producer : Lionel Juglair
VFX Producer: Laura Roddier, Ghalia Chammat
VFX Coordinator: Mathilde Cohen-Selmon, Milan Vicet
VFX Supervisor: Damien Canameras
CG Supervisor: Marouan El Bekri
Shoot Supervisor: James Allen
Concept: Nathan Lucas
Modeling & Environment: Marouan El Bekri, Victoria Leger,Matte Painting
FX: Félix GuglielmiLighting
Compositing: Ewan Rosenstrauch, Eric Lemains, Loïc Caer, Kilian Roy, Paul Goubet
Flame: Damien Canameras, Aurélien Teurlai, Valentin Gingembre, Sébastien Aubert
After: Giovanna Koua, Franck Maillet, Olivier Jarry, Tanguy Puech-
Colour -: Arthur Paux
Colour Assistant: Loïc Lavaux, Violette Madrid-Labeyrie
Editor assistants: Pauline Royo, Chloé Charrier, Naomie Dumas, Félix Fléchet, Maïté Tamain, Justine Chambert, Antoine Zimer, Julie Rigaud
The Mill Bangalore
Associate Production Manager: Rushikesh Shelar
Production Coordinator: Raman Dhode, Babita Godse
MMRA Supervisor: Elangovan Ganeshan
MMRA Lead: Smijumon Viswanathan
MMRA Artist: Rais Pinjari, Mubin Munaf Qureshi, Kumaravel Ganasen, Upasana Choudhary, Vijay Bapu Chavan
Prep Lead: Jawan Vishnu Prasath Mohan Balla Rao
Prep Artist: Naman Sahay Saxena, Ganji Ravi Kumar, Yasasvini Vagampalli, Yellamilli Sai Hari Sandeep
Roto Supervisor: Sivakumar S
Roto Lead: Moumita Ganesh Pratihar , Kiran Jondhale
Roto Artist: Anilkumar Chauhan, Onkar Ghatage, Prasad Thorve, Rahul Mane, Anita Khandare, Avinash Molawade, Pankaj Powar, Prasad Ghadigaonkar, Pratibha Dubey, Sandeep Mishra, Shaik Suhan Navab Sharif
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