Amazon – Holidays

Tasked with creating an icy oasis for the backdrop of Amazon’s 2023 Black Friday EU campaign, The Mill joined forces…
Amazon "Holidays"
Case Study

Tasked with creating an icy oasis for the backdrop of Amazon's 2023 Black Friday EU campaign, The Mill joined forces with Hunrgyman and got to work.

The online retail giant envisioned snowy terrains alongside our breathtaking hero, aurora.

"The team wanted to create something that added to the beauty of the plates and DMP without being too fantastical and over the top. Strong references from the creative team really helped us zero in on the look that was desired." - Mike Little, CG Lead

Client: Amazon
Prod co – Hungryman

VFX: The Mill London @millchannel
Producer: Elle Lockhart
Executive Producer: Clare Melia
VFX Production Assistant:
3D Lead: Mike Little
2D Lead: Lester Brown
VFX Sups: Will Arias, Pedro Santos

FX Artists: Luke Dadley, Arnau Gilabert, Thanos Topouzis, Dimitri Allonneau
2D Artists: Mithun Jacob Alex, Vipin Tripathi, Jane Williams

Finishing Artist: Ant Jarvis, Owen Maiden, Ben Gallagher

DMP: Yit Sanalan

Colour: The Mill London
Colourist: Peter Oppersdorff in conjunction with Trafik LA

Junior Colourist: Maruf Khan
Colour Assist: Rory Leighton, Caitlin Donaldson, Kennedy Dawson

The Mill Bangalore
DFX Sup: Laique Qureshi
Project Lead: Radhakrishnan R
Asset Lead: Jayadeep Chandran
DMP Sup: Gowri Velusamy D
DMP Lead: Bakiyaraj P
Comp Sup: Pratyush Parchuri
Comp Lead: Shaikh Abdul Adil
BLR Producer:  Vikram Salvi
BLR Production Coordinator: Nividita Dakua
Asset Team: Pratik Bhade, Prakhar Kulakshetra
Lighting Artist: Surya Chetan
Comp Team: Narina Satya Vasavi Kumar, Adwait page, Stevenson G

Edit: Cabin
Audio Post Production: 750 mph

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