Cartier – Tank

The Cartier Tank watch created in 1996 is coming back 27 years later to the wrists of the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve and actor Remi Malek in a film directed by Guy Ritchie. 

Cartier "Tank"
Case Study

Created in 1996, the Cartier Tank watch is back 27 years later, on the wrists of the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve and actor Remi Malek, directed by Guy Ritchie. 
The beautiful film shows that even if times change, sometimes elegance remains intact, which is perfectly embodied perfectly by Catherine Deneuve.

Our artists were tasked with recreating Catherine Deneuve in eight shots at four different periods of her life, inspired of course by her filmography. The challenge was important because this iconic actress evokes different memories and emotions in all of us. 
The public followed her through her career, soaking up her look, her acting, her facial expressions and her style, and our artists had to transcribe both her face and her soul.

Our Parisian team was present on the shooting and even during the casting to find the best body double with the most resembling acting. A great deal of preparation with the production Soixante Quinze
work that paid off. From “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”  to “Place Vendôme”, the film concludes with the actual Catherine Deneuve, as elegant as ever. A very beautiful and complete work, requiring our artists to combine new technologies like AI with traditional CG techniques.

Shortlisted at VES in the Outstanding Compositing & Lighting in a Commercial category, this film reminds us that even if we have the best tools and new technologies, the artistic and technical expertise of our artists are our best assets.



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