Google- Pixel Fold Billboard Takeover

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Google- Pixel Fold Billboard Takeover

VFX: The Mill
Creative Director: Michael Schaeffer
Executive Producer: Katie Tricot
Senior Producer: Justin Matzen
Associate Producer: Emma Eckhoff
Associate Production Manager: Sourabh Dharampurikar
Production Coordinator: Ronny Stillwell, Rahul Sasidharan
Art Director: Austin Marola
Sr. Designer: Devin Hayes, Amy Staropoli, Laura Nash
Designer: Jay Culley, Daniel Whitaker, Evan Bech
Jr. Designer: Yimeng Sun, Chris Rodriguez
Compositor: Betty Cameron, Chris Russo
Shoot Attendance: Nhat Tran
Asset Lead: Sunil Manohar Mohapatra
Asset Artist: Tanmay Mayra

Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Al Benoit

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Ashley Woods

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