Jean Paul Gaultier – Divine

Our Paris team has once again partnered with François Rousselet, Puig Group, and Jean Paul Gaultier to craft a captivating…
Jean Paul Gaultier "Divine"
Case Study

Our Paris team has once again partnered with François Rousselet, Puig Group, and Jean Paul Gaultier to craft a captivating Divine campaign. Featuring the magnetic Yara Shahidi, an actress, model, and activist, this campaign embodies a femininity that is unconditionally free and wonderfully diverse.

At its core lies a notable technical challenge: the creation of a bottle, a central element. During filming, the use of a real bottle, held by the actress, added authenticity, facilitating its subsequent replacement with a 3D model. The integration of the boat and the ocean was then achieved through the proficient application of computer-generated imagery (CGI), imparting an exceptional artistic and technical dimension to the production.

Integrating the ocean proved to be complex, requiring a delicate balance between the visual effect and scale to make it realistic while evoking the liquid inside a bottle. This meticulous step required diligent attention to detail. Additionally, significant emphasis was placed on lighting to recreate a sunlit storm, drawing inspiration from master painters, notably Rembrandt.

The Divine campaign stands as the culmination of an outstanding creative collaboration between François Rousselet, The Mill, and Puig Group. offering an unforgettable visual experience and celebrating diverse and empowered femininity.


Puig Group:
Creative Director: Françoise Jacquey @Puig
AD: Céline Moeur @Puig
François Rousselet:
DOP: Hoyte Van Hoytema
Editor: Adriana Legay / Pietro Di Zanno
VFX Studio
The Mill Paris:
Executive Producer: Cécile Hubin, Cédric Négrel
VFX Producer: Nicolas Huguet , Grégory Tournier
VFX Supervisor: Stéphane Pivron
CG Supervisor: Guillaume Dadaglio, Mathias Barday
Previz: Alexandre Sauthier, Joelia Rose, Guillaume Poueymarie
Concept: Nathan Lucas, Olivier Puechberty
Rigging: Marine Sisnaki, Alexandre Sauthier, Claire Auvin
Animation: Alban Lelievre, Joellia Rose
FX: Benjamin Lenfant, Felix Guglielmi
Lighting: Mathias Barday
Compositing: Randy Gudin, Eric Lemains
Flame: Stephane Pivron, Sebastien Aubert, Damien Canaméras, Valentin Gingembre, Sébastien Kremer
After: Etienne Lunet, Manon Baillet, Giovana Koua, Caroline Mistral, Agathe Sayegh, Cyril Hiard, Davide Mendes, Olivier Jarry, Anais Scheek, Jeremy Chicheportiche, Maxime Cordier, Frank Maillet, Barnabé Cantin
Matte Painting: Olivier Puechberty, Benjamin Bardou, Bastien Halter
Generalists: Victoria Leger, Benjamin Gachot, Alexandre Corcoy, François-Xavier Gonnet, Gowri Sankar Velusamy, Laura Pham Van Cang
Colour Assistant: Loïc Lavaux
Planning: Sophie Mailho, Magali Luthringer, Annabel Akerboom
VFX Coordinators: Mathilde Cohen-Selmon, Milan Vicet
Company 3:
Colourist: Jean Clément Soret

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