Nissan – X-Trail

This year, Nissan and director Jan Wentz have entrusted The Mill Paris with their last four branded films in 2022….
Nissan "X-Trail"
Case Study

Our 3D work was focused on the creation of the eagle and the whole environment from the canyon to the forest to the car which we re-did in 3D on some shots to allow for camera movement. The creation of the canyon was quite complex as we had little time to achieve a realistic rendering that would fit into a fully shot film. To do this, we used the mountain slope in the original set in Spain as a starting point, reproducing it in parallel with the different textures and roughnesses to create a realistic canyon render. We then added details to the compositing to enhance the realism, notably by adding paragliders in the sky.

Guillaume Dadaglio, CG Supervisor

I was on the set in Spain to take the different measurements and to anticipate the amount of CG work we would have to do in the studio. The CG team had a lot of work to do on the environments of this film but also on the preparation of the fourth and final film. The collaboration with director Jan Wentz and the Quad production once again went perfectly on all four films, from pre-production to final render.

Damien Canameras, VFX Supervisor

Director: Jan Wentz

VFX: The Mill
Executive Producer: Fabrice Damolini
VFX Producer: Sébastien Noyon, Grégory Tournier
CG Supervisor: Guillaume Dadaglio
Shoot: Damien Canameras
Grading: Mathieu Caplana
Generalist: Guillaume Dadaglio
Rigging: Alexandre Sauthier, Marine Sisnaki, Claire Auvin
Animation: Marie Moyer
Lighting: Valentin Lesueur
Motion Design: Julien Maurin, Jean-Martin Mossu, Alexandre Tarquini
Compositing: Sébastien Podsiadlo, Benjamin Boisgard, Aurélie Gondoin, Rémy Meillat, Margaux Chambas

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