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Vogue Magazine and The Mill Collaborate on The Met Gala’s Annual Red-Carpet Photo-ExperienceTying into this year’s Met Gala Theme “In…
Vogue Magazine "Met Gala"
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Vogue Magazine and The Mill Collaborate on The Met Gala’s Annual Red-Carpet Photo-Experience
Tying into this year’s Met Gala Theme “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” - the photo-experience was used by a star-studded line up of celebrities and edited into a video montage for Vogue.

Each year Vogue creates an iconic photo-experience for celebrities attending The Met Gala, pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity, whilst always staying synonymous with the event’s theme. 

This year, Vogue teamed up with global creative studio The Mill, and Director Bardia Zeinali and production studio PROD’N to build the photo experience and edit the subsequent star-studded montage. The curated photo moments, documenting celebrity guests in their most striking couture, was creatively inspired by the Met Gala’s 2022 theme “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”.  

For fashion’s biggest night, which serves as the primary source of funding for The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bardia Zeinali and The Mill blended traditional creative with the latest in visual effects technology, to create a series of virtual environments from the night’s many stars and featured exhibitions. 

Vogue has worked closely with Director Bardia Zeinali over the past several years on bespoke video content featuring top talent from The Met Gala. Zeinali aims to take this year's montage to the next level by incorporating live visual effects in-place of traditional set-dressing. See all of the fabulous moments in Vogue Magazine.


Director: Bardia Zeinali
Creatives: Zdravko “Zee” Stoitchkov
Director of Photography: Patrick Golan
Production Company: Production at Art + Commerce (PRODn)
Executive Producer: Steven Dam, Ian Milan, Lauren Preston
Production Managers: Mitch Baker, Tizzie Chang, Tyler Strawhecker, Wesley Torrance

Editorial: Modern Post
Editor: Will Town
Executive Producer: Charlyn Derrick
Producer: Andrew Illson
Editors: Graham Patterson, Danielle Schniederman, Clay Doggett, Sam Bienenfeld, Lauren Friedman, Robert Laird, Max Ferigo

VFX: The Mill
VFX Supervisor: Tim Devlin
VFX Supervisor: Toya Drechsler
Executive Producer: Ari Davis
Producer: Francesca Moran
Shoot Supervisor: Renato Carone
Art Director: Tim Devlin
Designers: Anastasia Skrebneva, Thomas Moore, Greg Park, Justin Sucara, Greg Rubner, Alex Braddock, Sam Singleton, Raquel Fernandes, Sifagul Keser

Colour: CO3
Colourist: Tim Massick
Colour Senior Producer: Kevin Breheny
Colour Assist: Jonathan Buckmaster

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