Voya – Better Together

Since 2017, The Mill and BBDO have played a pivotal role in creating Voya’s beloved characters, Val and Vern. Our…
Voya "Better Together"
Case Study

Since 2017, The Mill and BBDO have played a pivotal role in creating Voya's beloved characters, Val and Vern. Our latest campaign stood out due to the addition of Romain and Thibaut at Reverse who introduced a fresh fusion of style and enthusiasm to the project.

Our history with Voya extends beyond traditional scopes, as we surprised our longtime collaborator at the agency with a video of Val and Vern to say goodbye and give their best wishes for a happy retirement.


Agency: BBDO Atlanta
Senior Producer: Rich Beck
Group Creative Director: Mike Hanley
Creatives: Greg Paton-Ash, Lucy Orr
AD: David Welday

Production Company
Production Company: Reverse
Director: Romain Quirot
Executive Producer: Thibaut Estellon
Director of Photography: JEAN-PAUL AGOSTINI

VFX: The Mill
Creative Director: Thomas McCullough
VFX Supervisor: Antoine Douadi
Executive Producer: Chris Connolly
Associate Producer: Claire Stiefel, Mallika Roy
Senior Lead Compositor: Antoine Douadi
Comp Supervisor: Mayank Shekhar Tiwari
Comp Lead: Priyansh Gupta
Compositors: Ashique T, Rajashekar Nagappa, Chetan Verma, Aman Singh
3D Lead Artist: Alexander Smith
Senior Animator: Navdeep Singh
Designer: Amador Valenzuela
BLR Production Assistant: Shruti Kohad
Prep Supervisor: Noushad Kallingal
Prep Lead: Mahesh Ravilla
Match Move Supervisor: Smijumon Viswanathan
Match Move Lead: Sagar Rana
Prep: Avinash Sangate, Mohammad Ghayasuddin, Mohammad Sohle, Selvakumar Somasundaram, Sai Hari Sandeep, Shrikant Bhimashankar Gaddi, Manikandan, Ganji Ravi Kumar, Sai Kiran, Kilari Umaraju,
Match Move: Typhan Rai, Sayed Hussain, Rutik Sutar


Editorial: PS260
Editor: Maury Loeb
Assistant Editor: Christian Frahme
Producer: Kate Cheng
EP: Laura Patterson
Managing Director: Zarina Mak

Colour: Company3
Colourist: Tim

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