World Animal Protection – Thoughtful Pig

“At the heart of this campaign lies our protagonist, a photorealistic CGI pig asking the question that tugs at our…
World Animal Protection "Thoughtful Pig"
Case Study

“At the heart of this campaign lies our protagonist, a photorealistic CGI pig asking the question that tugs at our ethical compasses: “Do you think that I think?” This simple yet profound query is the gateway to an exploration of the incredible abilities and intelligence possessed by pigs.

In this story, the aesthetics take the form of stark realism. The stage is set theatrically with a solitary spotlight against a dark backdrop, creating an ambiance that is very introspective. Every detail, every crease, and every subtle nuance in her expression has been meticulously crafted, thanks to extensive study of real pigs and the beautiful lighting design by our rendering team.

The climax of the commercial is a poignant revelation. As the camera pulls away, it unveils the heartbreaking reality: our smart and imaginative pig is caged in a vast room, surrounded by countless others, each with their own story of suffering.

This project is a testament to the power of creative collaboration. We are proud to stand alongside Mark and Anthony (All Mighty Pictures) and World Animal Protection, working hand in hand to create awareness about the cruel treatment of animals. We’ve shown the world that behind those innocent eyes and curious snouts, there lies a world of intellect and emotion that deserves acknowledgment and protection.”

Let’s Dive a Little Deeper…

“Our journey began with an extensive research phase. We delved into the lives and behaviour of real pigs to understand their movements, expressions, and anatomy. We closely observed various pig breeds to ensure accuracy and realism in our CGI creation.

First we developed a clear concept for the commercial and used Anthony’s storyboards to outline the visual narrative and timings. We then worked on a 3D layout and explored the camera language and the staging of the scene.

The first step in bringing our CGI pig to life was creating a 3D model. This involved sculpting the pig’s digital form, paying meticulous attention to anatomical details. We crafted two different looks; a young, healthy appearance for the first part of the film and a dirty, sad look for the final reveal.

Animating our hero pig was one of the most challenging aspects. We had to convey complex emotions and thoughts while maintaining realism. We used reference videos of real pigs to replicate their movements, and our animators spent countless hours fine-tuning the character’s gestures, expressions, and eye movements.

In the end, the creation of our CGI pig was a labor of love, driven by our passion for storytelling and our commitment to raising awareness about animal cruelty.”

Please take a look at the World Animal Protection website HERE.


Client: World Animal Protection
Global Head of Brand Engagement: Georgie Bradbury
Creative Agency: All Mighty Pictures
Creative Director: Mark Harbour
Production Company: All Mighty Pictures
Directors: Mark Harbour & Anthony Dickenson
Post Production/VFX: The Mill London
Animation Director: Jorge Montiel Meurer
Executive Producer: Becca Jones
Producer: Larisa Covaciu, Ollie Lovell-White
3D Lead: Margaux Huneau
2D Lead: Ruslan Borysov
Asset Supervisor: Will Burdett
Post Production/VFX: The Mill Bangalor
DFX Sup:  Sudhir Verma
Project Lead:  Vaibhav Gupta
Asset Lead:  Jayadeep Chandran
Anim Sup:  Sukanta Chakraborty
Rigging Lead:  Garlapati Yeswanth
Comp Sup:  Nanda Kumar Perumal Pillai
Comp Lead:  Sravanam Gnaneswar
BLR Producer:  Dipesh Mahesh Gajjarr, Umesh Chand
BLR Production Coordinator:  Nikhil Bharwal, Dominic Xavier ch
Asset Team: Kumar Nishant, Harsh Chaturvedi, Vivek Mayanglambam, Akash Deodhum Humne
Grooming Artist: Kumar Nishant
Rigging Artist: Manthena Sainitesh Reddy
Animators: Chinnaiya M, Jithin K
FX Artist: Polam Tirumala Reddy
Lighting Artist: Trinath Sarkar
Comp Team: Sravanam Gnaneswar, Ankit Mishra
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Katie Dymmock
Colour Assist: Rory Leighton, Caitlin Donaldson
Edit: The Assembly Rooms
Editor: Jack Williams
Sound: String & Tins
Designer: Kaspar Broyd
Audio Producer: Millie White

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