Colour Reel

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Colour Reel

Mill Colour:
Agua Jiang
Ashley Ayarza Woods
Elodie Ichter
Katie Dymmock
Logan Highlen
Maruf Khan
Nicola Gasparri
Nikola Stefanovic
Paul Yacono
Peter Oppersdorff
Philip Hambi
Yerlan Tanayev

Colour EPs: Alex Lubrano, Chingwen Huang, and Krista Staudt
Colour Senior Producer: Denise Brown
Colour Produces: Jackson Winkler, Dan Hills, Colleen Valentino

Colour Assists: Alexandra Makarenko, Amonnie Nicolas,Daymian Mejia, Kennedy Dawson, Caitlin Donaldson, Rory Leighton,Gemma Parr, Jacob Suffern, Erwin Pasia

Editor: Natalie Wozinak

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