Delta x Starbucks – Wonder Window – CES 2023

Brief Digitas approached us to Produce screen content for a Delta x Starbucks Activation called ‘Wonder Window’ to premiere at…
Delta x Starbucks "Wonder Window"
Case Study


Digitas approached us to Produce screen content for a Delta x Starbucks Activation called 'Wonder Window' to premiere at CES. The activation promoted the joint rewards program between the two brands via a giveaway program. Users who linked their Delta & Starbucks rewards programs at CES were eligible to claim a prize through a physical window fabricated into one large screen. Working alongside the installation company, Pink Sparrow, we designed, animated and delivered 38 videos to live on two different screen setups at unique locations throughout the week-long event. These videos ranged from messaging videos to bespoke transition animations triggered by various prize giveaways. Creatively, The Mill was tasked with creating a Design and Animation scheme that would unite the two brands and bring harmony across all of the deliverables. Furthermore, the custom (large!) screen sizes would need bespoke design-problem solving to ensure the content was engaging, legible and made the most out of the onsite footprint.


Under the Creative Direction of Donnie Bauer, the design team presented a range of styles for the hero animation. In addition to exploring how the graphic design and live action would integrate, we looked at layering in interactive and/or CGI elements. Ultimately, the clients landed on a more traditional pre-rendered approach. This allowed us to mobilize our global design studio with Art Directors leading teams across LA, Chicago and NY. With such a short timeline to execute what would be over 10 minutes of content, by leveraging our global roster of designers, editors and 2D artists, we were able to disseminate many assignments within distinct location teams that could work in a parallel path. This made the most of the time that we had while ensuring the highest creative and quality output. From a technical standpoint, we utilized a Design-Driven pipeline approach that leaned on front-end design explorations within C4D and After Effects for fast iterating. All of the final assets, once rendered, were directed towards a single server location where our 2D finishing team processed, and QC’d all deliverables for upload.


Both activations were a huge success. The Delta D33 arrival gate at the Las Vegas Airport was one of two activation locations that featured a 20-foot long screen with our content that yielded more guest visits than the client projected. The other activation was located at Aria of Las Vegas just outside the main conference hall that garnered hundreds of interactions from visitors and even a visit from the CEO of Delta himself, Ed Bastian. Furthermore, Forbes named 'Wonder Window' the best experiential activation of CES.

It was Delta and Starbucks that won CES for best activation with its 'Wonder Window' game when a San Francisco software programmer hit the jackpot and tweeted himself winning two roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the world. The sheer exuberance expressed in the video nailed exactly what CES 2023 was all about - a return to good times no matter what.



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Creative Director

Donnie Bauer


Creative Direction / Design / Animation / Editorial / Experience / Onsite Activation



Design / VFX
Design / VFX: The Mill
Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Art Directors: Thomas Heckel, Ilgi Candar, James Isaaks, Albert Albaladejo
Senior Brand Designer: Izzy Doneray-Perrone
Designers: Brian O’Donnell, Adrian Navarro, Matt Miltonberger, Vinnie Thomas, Juliana Martins, Morad Enayet, Tiffany Shen, Jesus Suarez, Ryan Massiah, Ryan Wehner, Akshay Tiwari, Christopher Szeto, Devin Hayes
2D Lead: Jerome Knight
2D Artists: Justin Winkler
Editorial: The Mill
Editors: Spencer Wehde, Matthew Campbell
Edit Assists: Joseph Zappulla, Aaron Wheeler
VFX Production
Managing Director: Tracey Khan
Executive Producers: Blake Nickle, Larissa Berringer
Producers: Stephanie Jaslowski, Billy McMillen
Production Coordinators: Allison Hemingway, Ashley McKeithen

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