Facebook – Moments That Move Us

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Facebook "Moments That Move Us"

Client: Meta | Facebook
Creative Program Manager: Carlos Lema
Head Of Creative Growth: Sean Pryor

Agency: DEPT®

Production: Mill+
Director: Vincent Venchiarutti

Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Al Benoit

VFX and Design
Design: The Mill
Creative Director and Art Director: Pedro Lavin
Executive Producer: Larissa Berringer, Lionel Juglair
Head of Design: Patrick Coleman
Design Producer: Lauren Yianilos
VFX Producer: Ghalia Chammat
VFX Supervisor: Vincent Venchiarutti, Julien Pinot
Storyboards: Ben Chan & Kyle Fewell
Design: Pedro Lavin, Brian O’Donnell, Evan Bech, Yimeng Sun, Amy Staropoli
Traditional Animation: Mathias Lachal, Léo Schweitzer, Virginie Izoulet, Pierre-Jean Le Moël, Cloé Dijoux Serabian, Dorian Lee
Motion Graphics and Compositing: Julien Pinot, Hugo Guerrero, Maxime Cordier, Manon Baillet, Barnabé Cantin, Max Loriot

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