Samsung – The Flip Side

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Samsung "The Flip Side"

Client – Samsung
Agency – Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam @wkamsterdam
Creative Director – Tom Dibb @tom.dibb
Executive Producer – Thomas Cole @tom__cole
Associate Head of Design – Matthew Campbell @mattbencampbell
Design & Animation – David Vinicombe , Michael Greenwood @michael_greenwood_art , Will Burdett @_burdo_ , Mikey Dowdle @mikeydowdle , Milo Targett @milotargett , Paul Bloomfield @mancunianscour , Paul Hunt @paulmyfinger , Ricard Badia @ricard_badia , Jiyoung Lee , Sheetal Thankey @sheetal.thankey , Adam Roche @adamroche, Ricky Weissman @rickyexpress
Creative – Georgia Paes @georgia_paes

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