Cité du Vin de Bordeaux (France) – Permanent exhibition

The Mill Paris is involved in the production and post-production of five installations for the Cité du Vin exhibition Seven…

The Mill Paris is involved in the production and post-production of five installations for the Cité du Vin exhibition

Seven years after its opening and with over 2.3 million visitors, the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux is revamping its permanent exhibition, marking a new chapter in its history. The Cité du Vin (Wine Museum) in Bordeaux stands as a unique cultural venue dedicated to wine, with the goal of making this universal heritage more accessible. It offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a sensory and artistic journey to discover the wines of the Bordeaux region.

The 3000m2 permanent exhibition relies on digital and interactive technologies, guiding visitors through a sensory exploration of the history of wine. To revitalize this central exhibition, the Clémence Farrell agency, specializing in immersive scenographies, was enlisted and promptly brought in The Mill Paris to produce and post-produce five cultural installations.

The Vine

As soon as the visitor enters the exhibition, he is face to this animated vine which shows the interactions between the soil, the plant and the grapes.

The Planet of the Wines

A large map to understand the extension of the vine across the planet, climates, regions, figures thanks to an animated content projected on a sphere.

The winegrower's year

From the vine to the bottle, a lot happens in a year. Nicolas Thépot wanted to retrace in images a whole year of creation of a vintage in a musical film projected in 360°.

The Bordeaux vineyard

The Bordeaux vineyard: a relief map that comes to life to show the different regions, appellations and specificities of the Bordeaux vineyard.

When Wine Conquered the World

Immediate boarding on a 50-seater boat to discover the history of wine thanks to a 220° animated film that tells us the story of wine from ancient ships to container doors. This film was directed by Nicolas Thépôt and Bérangère Lallemant.

In addition to these five installations, a dozen other activities are waiting to be discovered by both children and adults. The experiences are individual, collective, educational, immersive, and multi-sensory, offering visitors a two-hour exploration of the wine heritage.

This project receives financial support from Europe, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the metropolis, and the city of Bordeaux. Special acknowledgment goes to the numerous patrons and the Cité du Vin's internal resources.


Production : Mill+

Executive Producer : Hugues Allart, Maud Chirat


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