Cartier – The Moonlight Brings Us Together

Mill+ Creates Another Eye Catching Campaign for Cartier The Mill’s Creative Content Studio, Mill+ has teamed up with our friends…
Cartier "The Moonlight Brings Us Together"
Case Study

Mill+ Creates Another Eye Catching Campaign for Cartier

The Mill's Creative Content Studio, Mill+ has teamed up with our friends at Cartier, again, to deliver a culturally rich 360 campaign, complete with a beautiful hero film, social content, and photography for print. From creative ideation and concepting, through to pre-production, production and post-production, this was an end-to-end Mill+ project that highlighted the teams impeccable ability to tell stories and connect with audiences.

Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan and encapsulating all that it stands for, the hero film features Friends of the Maison, coming together, from all over the globe. The message is one of communal gathering, spiritual development and devotion. We watch as the friends follow the moonlight, to find each other beneath the crescent moon, heralding the start of Ramadan.

Creative Lead, Bradley Fletcher dives into the creative process -

'Capture the spirit of Ramadan.' That was the film brief our friends at Cartier came to us with. Alongside that was the photography brief, to get print quality stills with the talent in 15 minutes.

The spirit of Ramadan is something that is hard to authentically represent. It’s one of charity, of family, of friendships. With only 30 seconds, we wanted to narrate our story with grace and give multiple communities their moment. We decided that the moon, the signifier for the start & the end of this holy month could be our guiding force. We then had the talent, a powerful set of figures located across the Pan-Arab community. In our film they were to be the centerpiece, and through their expressions we could reflect back the emotion of this moment. Guided by an intriguing, enticing, beautifying moonlight, their journey, although separate, is connected. Brought together through clever camera choreography, seamless transitions, and a synchronous approach to light. The gentle gradient glow of dusk and the silvery luminescence of the moon created that enchanting ambience that felt in sync with the brand. Soft and peaceful, never veering into something dark or moody. It was then our decision to only reveal the crescent moon at the end of the film, to play it as our climax that, until this final scene, had only been an intriguing presence.What we’re left with is something slightly magical, sensorial, a journey that brings together Cartier’s Friends of the Maison from across the Middle East in unity.

With the photography we wanted to continue this unity. To represent a diverse range of countries (Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Lebanon, Egypt) by letting the Friends of the Maison become the faces for these product shots. We acted fast, working simultaneously with the moving image shoot to capture everything without delay and in perfect Cartier detail. It was wild, it was fun.


Production Company: Mill+
Executive Producer: Charlotte Whittall
Creative Lead, Agency: Bradley Fletcher
Creative, Agency: Georgia Paes
Creative Development, Agency: Tom Dibb
Director: William McGregor
Head of Live Action: Johnny Blick
Senior Producer, Production Company: Swifty Hanrahan
Producer, Service Production Company: Sandra Peso
Production Co-ordinator: Millie Sharratt
Director of Creative Production: James Niklasson
DoP: David Wright
1st AD: Richard Graysmark
Wardrobe Stylist: James Valeri
Hair Stylist: Josh Knight
Storyboard Artist: Celine Davies

Post-Production, VFX: The Mill London
Creative Director, VFX: Ross Urien
VFX Producer: Charlotte Whittall
Lead Digital Matte Painter: Yit Sanalan
Concept Artist: Yit Sanalan
Concept Artist: Jiyoung Lee
VFX Supervisor & Flame Op: Steve Miller
Senior Nuke Artist & 2D Lead: Mithun Jacob Alex
Senior Nuke Artist: Pete Hodsman
Senior Nuke Artist: Lester Brown
CG Lead: Laurent Giaume
CG FX Artist: Roman Vrbovsky
Post-Production, VFX: The Mill Bangalore
Post Producer: Ameya Chitnis
Production Coordinator: Ashokkumar Arul
DFX Supervisor: Sudhir Verma
Comp Supervisor: Nanda Kumar Perumal Pillai
Comp Lead: Udaykiran Chowdary
Nuke Artist: Karthikkeyan M D, Rajinikanth R
DMP Supervisor: Gowri Velusamy D
DMP Lead : Bakiyaraj P
DMP Artist: Mohan Rao, Paresh Kumar Swain, Premanand Shivanand Naik, Srivarman D
Asset Supervisor: Dakoju Shashi Kumar
Asset Lead: Jayadeep Chandran
Asset Artist: Manukuru Manikanteswara, Mratunjay Sharma, Samir Solomon
Matchmove Supervisor: Elangovan Ganeshan
Matchmove Lead: Avaneetharan Karuppasamy
MatchMove Artist: Abhishek Popat Pise, Anjit Kumar, Anuja Oak, Jaswantsingh Nikam, Mansi Kodikal, Paras Pareshkumar Shah, Sayed Hussain, Shah Sunita, Upasana Choudhary, Yogesh Khot
Rotoscoping Supervisor: Vijaya Kumar R
Rotoscoping Lead: Md Munnam Gazzali
Roto Artist: Abhishek Yadav, Akhil Gupta, Imrojul Khan, Jaydeep Rajendra Jadhav, Ketan Khairnar, Kishore R, Nagarjun Sadashiv Bhalerao, Orsu Balasubramanyam, Pramod Kumar, Praneet Vivek Borkar, Prasad Thorve, Sachin Kumar, Sagar Gawande, Santosh Kondiba Lokhande, Shubham Mokashi: Roto Artist, Sugankumar R C, Sumit Kumar, Yogesh Bhavsar
Prep Supervisor: Sugumar S
Prep Lead: Jaswan Balla Mohan Rao
Prep Artist: Aakansha Yadav, Avijit Khamarai, Chanda Kumari, Himanshu Sahai, Kanak Kumar, Kannan R, Selvakumar Somasundaram

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Maruf Khan

Edit: tenthree
Offline Editor: Iain Whitewright
Offline Producer: Rachel Goodger

Music & Sound Design: Echoic Audio

Photographer: Hasan Karaarslan

Retoucher: James Kenny

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