IBM Quantum – System Two – & – Osprey Chip

Brief IBM tasked The Mill with creating two short films. The first to showcase the new ‘Quantum System Two’, with…
IBM Quantum "System Two"
Case Study


IBM tasked The Mill with creating two short films. The first to showcase the new ‘Quantum System Two’, with its modular and expandable design. The second focused specifically on the IBM ‘Osprey Chip’ to elucidate the chip’s position as the building block of the full quantum system.


In collaboration with IBM creative and engineering, we discussed with IBM the importance of creating an elegant film that showcased some core design principles. Beautiful modularity and interconnection, the use of light and soft reflections, coherence of scale across the hardware and demonstrating active engagement and human interaction. For the ‘Osprey Chip’ we crafted a thoughtful, immersive story; through exploded views of machinery that whimsically build themselves into complex yet organised arrangements, we sought to convey both the system’s technical sophistication and refined design.


Our ‘Quantum System Two’ film to the form of a graceful journey that serves as a peek at its complexity and formed a beautiful centre piece for the ‘IBM Quantum Summit 2022 Keynote’. Our ‘Osprey Chip’ film was a first glance at the chip and System Two’s advancements. Both pieces were processed for accessibility on web and social across IBM’s channels.


‘System Two’
IBM Quantum ‘System Two’
Creative Director: Ross Urien, Tosh Fieldsend
Executive Producer: James Niklasson
Producers: Larisa Covaciu, Ellie Thwaites
Business Development Manager: Elise Ford
Designers: Jayden Kimpton, Matthew Ben-Campbell, Alex Petrovsky, Andrei Poleshko, Nemanja Ivanovic
Sound Design: Echoic Audio
Osprey Chip’
IBM Quantum ‘Osprey Chip’
Creative Director: Thomas Heckel, Michael Schaeffer
Executive Producer: Katie Tricot
Producer: Sheila Lobo
Business Development Manager: Elise Ford
Designers: James van den Elshout, Chris Szeto, Laura Nash, Vinnie Thomas, Evan Bech, Vivian Kim, Chris Rodriguez, Akshay Tiwari
3D Lead Artist: Lucy Choi
3D Producer: Chris Preston-Barnes
3D Artists: Aston Hart, Aman Jain, Madhusudan Patel, Rakesh Maruthi Pujari, Venkatesan R, Sumit Yadav, Amit Patil

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