Respawn Entertainment – The Game Awards

Brief Respawn and The Mill set out to attempt something unprecedented. To bring the beloved Apex Legends character, Mirage, to…
Respawn Entertainment "The Game Awards"
Case Study

Client: Respawn Entertainment
Creative Director, Marketing: Drew Stauffer
Producer: Jon Judelson
Executive Producer: Drew McCoy
Director, Brand Management: Jason Torfin
Director, Strategy: Robbie McCawley
Senior Activation Manager: Devin Bennet

Production: The Mill
Directors: Lisha Tan, David Lawson
Group Director, Emerging Technology: Boo Wong
Executive Producers, Emerging Technology: Dan Phillips, Aurelien Simon
Producer: Emily Avoujageli
Production Coordinator: Michael Novo
Live Action Producer: Alicia Haldenwang
Live Action Associate Producer: James Morse
Technical Innovations Manager: Tawfeeq Martin
Lead Developer: Hiro Miyoshi
Technical Artist: Troy Barsness
Technical Artist/FX: Daniel Soo
3D Lead: Robert Chapman
Rigging: Nole Murphy
Concept Artist: Ed Laag
Matte Painting: Bill Lu
Modeling Leads: Derrick Sesson, Dustin Leon
Modelers: Valentin Erbuke, Samantha Pedregon
Deputy Head of 3D/Lighting Supervisor: Chris Bayol
Lighting/Lookdev: Matthew Choy

Editorial: The Mill
Editors: Rochely Zapata, Rauri Cantelo

Facial Tracking and Capture: Cubic Motion
Body Tracking and Capture: Animatrik

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