Coca-Cola – Ramadan Is Coming

Mill+ Tells a Spellbinding Story of Unity and Joy for Coca-Cola in their First Ramadan Campaign Mill+, The Mill’s Creative…
Coca-Cola "Ramadan Is Coming"
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Mill+ Tells a Spellbinding Story of Unity and Joy for Coca-Cola in their First Ramadan Campaign

Mill+, The Mill's Creative Content Studio, is proud to announce the release of Coca-Cola's latest ad, directed by Tim Fox, that celebrates the holy month of Ramadan. Collaborating with Coca-Cola and creative agency AKQA, the Mill+ team has brought to life a narrative that transcends cultural boundaries and reminds us all to come together.

This visually stunning, animated ad hopes to capture the spirit of Ramadan's rich traditions by honing in on micro moments of connection, unity and joy. We begin by following a convoy of Coca-Cola trucks, widely recognised for their festive symbolism, as they embark on a beautiful journey to mark the beginning of Iftar. They become the focal point for a beautiful community dinner. As they sit to eat, and enjoy a well deserved Coca-Cola, the narrative joyfully weaves through different families and individuals, portraying a cross-section of a diverse society celebrating Ramadan in all its glory.

Don't miss the key moments of magic sprinkled throughout the story, each one reflecting the empathy and generosity that encapsulate Ramadan. Heartwarming family reunions, unexpected friendships, surprise selfie guests and a wave of moving chairs as everyone makes room for one more. "We wanted the animation to feel vibrant, full of life and really capture the feeling of celebration. The aim was to have a collection of more intimate moments between characters that when combined together created a world full of life," Chris Welsby, Animation Supervisor at The Mill.

Mill+ Director, Tim Fox, said "infusing the film with authenticity and a personal connection to the audience was a priority for me. The goal was to bring a crafted quality that resonates, both in the overall aesthetic and the animated portrayal of characters. The film's visual and tactile essence was intentionally designed to exude a hand-crafted feel. Thanks to the dedication and skill of our team of passionate artists and animators, we successfully achieved this unique and personalised touch." Tim went on to add, "you don't get more iconic than Coca-Cola as a brand, this was a huge privilege for us."

London's Mill+ team, spearheaded by Creative Director Anthony Bloor and Producer Sarah Moussaif, has once again highlighted its visual storytelling prowess and commitment to impeccable results. The seamless animation collaboration between The Mill's London and Paris Studio's only emphasised these impressive abilities. Speaking with The Mill, Coca-Cola's Creative team said "everyone is amazed by the level of quality from the Mill at Coca-Cola. We are so thankful for the team. The work you have done is beyond."


Client: Coca-Cola
Consumer & Shopper Content Senior Manager, Coca-Cola: Yara El Zahabi
Brand Strategy Director, Coca-Cola & Meals: Butool Rizvi
Consumer & Shopper Content Director: Mostafa Talaat
Creative Strategy Sr. Director: Santiago Cony Etchart
Coca-Cola Category Sr. Director: Hamza Ahmed
E2E Experience Sr. Director: Ghina Marouf
Content Producer Director: Elsa Casadevall
Brand Identity System & Packaging Design Manager: Junaid Younas Verka
Studio X Senior Director: Sophie Wordley
Marketing VP EME OU: Rafael Prandini
Vice President, Coca-Cola, Creative: Islam El Desouky
Vice President, Coca-Cola Brand Strategy, Meals: Elif Kaypak
Senior Director, Global Shopper & Consumer Content: Yugo Motta

Agency: AKQA
Managing Partner: Ron Peterson
Managing Director: John Bernard
General Manager: Jazz Advaney
Executive Creative Director: Johnny Budden, Simon Reid
Creative Director: Pierre Saladin
Producer: Xavi Cookson- Edwards
Senior Project Manager: Nick Bennett
Creative: Jake Scott, Ioannis Diakonikolas, Amber English, Jamie Antin

Production Company: Mill+
Director: Tim Fox

Post Production Company: The Mill London and The Mill Paris
Creative Director: Anthony Bloor
Senior Producer: Sarah Moussaif
VFX Producer : Stéphanie Mollet
Animation Supervisor: Chris Welsby
Animation Lead: Tristan Domenjus
2D Lead: Declan Andrews
CG Lead: Marc Greyvenstein
Animation Lead : Tristan Domenjus
Animation : Pamella Nabais, Hugues Valin
Asset Lead: Will Burdett
Storyboard Artist: Luca Belardi
Colourist: Maruf Khan
Editor: Zoe Izzard
Concept Lead: Silvia Bartoli
Animation Artists: Clementine Supiot, Jesus Parra, Mack Knights, Pamella Nabais, Paolo Ceresa
2D Artists: Davide Metti, Giacomo Verri, Leah Ayinde, Vipin Tripathi
CG Artists: Alican Gorgec, Artur Drozdowicz, Emre Sumer, Geoffroy Barbet-Massin, Jean Grandgirard, Katie Bates, Harshit, Ram Yogeshwaran, Dhruv Modi, Abhishek Nishad, Aditya Jaiswal, Madhusudan Patel, Kapil Singh Rana, Kumar Nishant
Asset Artists: Joydip Sarkar, Rakshith U, Saikrishna M, Vivek Mayanglambam, Akash Benny Thomas, Jayan Munusamy, Piyush Sharma, Ravishankar N, Sumit Yadav, Akshay N Shetty, Sandeepkumar Madival, Vaibhav Vijay Patil
Concept Artists: Michelle Tolo, Daniel Qin-Dong, Gary Inloes, Kade Byrand, Nikita Kukolev, Sidra Fatima
Rigging Lead: Andreas Graichen
Previs Artist: Dane Armour

Post Production Company: The Mill Bangalore
DFX Sup: Laique Quraishi
Asset Lead: Kumar Nishant, Harsh Chaturvedi
Rigging Lead: Sandeepkumar Madival
Production Co-ordinator: Shubham Gajare
Senior Producer: Umesh Chand
Asset team: Harshit S, Ram Yogeshwaran, Joydip Sarkar, Rakshith U, Saikrishna M, Vivek Mayanglambam, Abhishek Nishad, Aditya Jaiswal, Madhusudan Patel, Jayan Munusamy, Piyush Sharma, Kapil Singh Rana
Rigging team: Dhruv Modi, Akshay N Shetty, Vaibhav Vijay Patil, Akash Benny Thomas

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