IBM Quantum x JSR

IBM Quantum x JSR
IBM Quantum x JSR
Case Study


IBM Quantum is at the heart of IBM Research. The Quantum team works with big brands to study, and advance, the field of quantum computing — an innately complex world with roots in quantum physics. The IBM Quantum case study series is a collection of short documentary films that highlight IBM’s various brand partners. We worked with IBM to craft two films — one centered around IBM Quantum client Boeing, and the other around a Japanese chemical company called JSR. Both brands use quantum computing in novel ways, and work closely with IBM Quantum to better understand the potential of the technology.


Like many of our Creative Production jobs, this project leveraged multiple disciplines within The Mill — predominantly Live Action/Content and Design/Animation. The live action component was directed by Mill+ Director Ty Richardson. After working closely with IBM Quantum marketers and physicists on the creative approach, script and boards, Ty led the documentary shoot, which took place across three cities: Seattle, Yorktown Heights, and Kawasaki, Japan.

This was a super interesting job. Once we had a handle on the subject matter, we enjoyed the challenge of translating these complex client stories into understandable short films for a wider audience. The films are documentaries by nature, but we sought opportunities to polish them visually — from location selection to camera choices. We shot on Cooke anamorphic lenses to give everything a more cinematic feel, and to make the world of IBM Quantum feel big & expansive. Another crucial ingredient was the Design & Animation sequences, masterfully led by Mill Art Director Chet Hirsch. These intricate animations that not only help tell the story, but also brand the films using elements of IBM’s distinct palette.

-Ty Richardson, Mill+ Director



Ty Richardson


The Mill


Creative Development / Live Action / Content / Edit / Design & Animation / Colour / VFX / Finish


Creative Development / VFX

Director: Ty Richardson
Executive Producer: Matthew Loranger
Live Action Producer: Cameron Szempka
Post Producer: Sheila Lobo
Art Director: Chet Hirsch
Designers: Eddie Livingstone, Vivian Kim, Yewon Kim, James Gardner


Editorial: The Mill
Editors: Ryan Mckenna, Leanne Belgiornio

Business Development

Business Development: The Mill
Business Development Manager: Elise Ford

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