Nina Ricci campaign starring Kiernan Shipka

Nina Ricci campaign starring Kiernan Shipka
Nina Ricci campaign starring Kiernan Shipka
Case Study

The Puig Group unveils its new Nina Ricci film starring actress Kiernan Shipka and shot at the “Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte” (Vaux-le-Vicomte Castle”. This beauty film marks a new chapter in the collaboration between The Mill Paris and the Puig Group, as well as a second collaboration with Studio L’Etiquette directors Manon Engel and Alma De Ricou, following a Coco Mademoiselle campaign shot in 2022 with Keira Knightley. Familiar with the beauty work and the demands of the Puig Group, our artists enhanced all the shots and animated the perfume bottle. They gave the bottle a soul and created an interplay between it and the actress.

According to our VFX Supervisor Franck Lambertz, the visual effects didn’t present any major difficulties for our beauty experts, but the main challenge was the shooting location. In this historic building we had no control and had to work with the production crew and their equipment in a confined space.
Some scenes were tricky, such as the actress jumping from a height of over 7 metres, a stunt supervised by famous Circassian Yoann Bourgeois.
The room is also full of mirrors and windows, requiring our team to pay particular attention during the clean-up stage to avoid catching any reflections.

For this Nina Ricci campaign, we shot in the grandiose Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte with new muse Kiernan Shipka. In addition to the sublime setting, the artist and choreographer Yoann Bourgeois collaborated with the brand to prepare the falls. With this meticulous staging coupled with the talent of Studio L'Etiquette's directors, Manon Engel and Alma de Ricou, with whom we had previously collaborated, we were bound to make a beautiful film.
Once in the studio for post-production, we mainly had to animate the bottle, so we redid it in 3D and inlaid it into the shots. The whole team at The Mill was very helpful and the client was very supportive, so it was perfect. The Bangalore team also participated by taking care of the rotoscoping, the match move and the clean-up of certain elements. A lovely, delicate beauty film in the style of Nina Ricci and the Puig group. - Clarisse Cornely, Post Producer

This was a great beauty project for the Nina Ricci brand (Puig Group), with whom we work regularly.
As a result, we are familiar with the quality standards expected by this client, and we always rise to the challenge of creating tailor-made films. This time, it was mainly a question of animating the bottle to bring it to life and create an interaction between the product and our muse, in order to integrate her into this beautiful choreography (Yoann Bourgeois' trampoline choreography). The team, led by Franck Lambertz and Sébastien Aubert for the 2D part, as well as Remy Meillat as CG lead, produced a very fine job of beauty, cleaning the set and colour grading. Well done to the whole team, who listened carefully to the client's needs and produced all the effects in record time!
- Stéphanie Mollet, VFX Producer

Studio l’Etiquette

Art and Commerce
André Chemetoff
Adriana Legay / Pietro Di Zanno
VFX Studio 
The Mill Paris
Executive Producer: Cécile Hubin
Post-Producer: Clarisse Cornély
VFX Producer: Stéphanie Mollet
VFX Coordinator: Mathilde Cohen-Selmon
VFX Supervisor: Franck Lambertz, Sébastien Aubert
CG Supervisor: Rémy Meillat
Generalist: Rémy Meillat
Rigging: Emilie Picard
Animation: Ferdinand Boutard, Valérian Lesprillier
Lighting: Aurélia Deleplanque, Taye Cimon
Compositing: Loic Caer, Richard Maillot
MM / Roto / Clean: Bangalore
Flame: Sébastien Aubert
After: Giovanna Koua, Etienne Lunet
Colourist: Jean Clément Soret
Colourist Assistant: Loïc Lavaux, Violette Madrid Labeyrie
Labo: Emilie Burgevin, Rémy Ladiesse, Gabriel Fernandes
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