Rabanne – Phantom starring Charlie R. Heaton

Paco Rabanne chooses Charlie R. Heaton as the new face of Paco Rabanne in an ad directed by Matt Lambert,…
Rabanne "Phantom starring Charlie R. Heaton"
Case Study

Paco Rabanne chooses Charlie R. Heaton as the new face of Paco Rabanne in an ad directed by Matt Lambert, produced by Division and magnified by The Mill Paris.

At the crossroads of high-tech and luxury perfumery, Phantom, the men’s fragrance by Paco Rabanne, takes us by surprise. Driven by a singular vision of the modern man, the Puig Group brand never ceases to amaze us, shaking up industry codes with a bottle in the shape of a chromed robot. For its new darker, more mysterious Phantom fragrance, Paco Rabanne has chosen actor Charlie R. Heaton to embody it.

To create this symbiosis between the actor and the perfume, the Puig group enlisted the talented director Matt Lambert, followed by the production team Division and our Parisian VFX studio, with whom they have collaborated for many years. Matt Lambert came to our Paris studio for several weeks to work hand in hand with our artists.

Before the shoot, our talents worked on video assets to be integrated into LED screens on the set. Once the images had been shot, our CG team created and integrated the CG perfume packshot , and our beauty experts enhanced the whole film by harmonizing the lighting and ensuring a chromatic consistency.

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“For this project, we had an important lighting mission: the light was very vibrant during the shoot and we created a chromatic cohesion on all the flame shots to harmonise the CG and the live action. I enjoyed contributing to this project because I met new colleagues and I was able to work on different aspects of the flame with beauty, lighting and also pack shots mixing 2D and 3D. I got out of my comfort zone and it was very rewarding. It was a very good project, well managed, and well done to the whole team at The Mill and the Puig Group.”

Sébastien Kremer, Flame Artist

“What's special about this project is that it was managed in two stages. Firstly, we created the elements before shooting, and then we worked on the rigging in our post-production studio. Before the shoot, we had to create very large images so that they could be projected onto a 25m x 6m screen (9600 × 2304 pixels) and filmed as a background during the shoot. Director Matt Lambert was very much involved in the preparation of these elements and his vision was very clear. The artistic direction was also defined by Anais Bauser and creative director Françoise Jacquey. We're used to working with the Puig Group on a basis of mutual trust and we know their requirements. This excellent relationship is reflected on screen in a film that is both aesthetically pleasing and in line with the Group's standards. Congratulations to the whole team.”

Clarisse Cornely, VFX Producer



Matt Lambert:
DOP: Rina Yang
Editor: Andi Pek, Pietro Di Zanno

VFX Studio :
The Mill Paris:
Executive Producer: Cécile Hubin
Post-producer: Clarisse Cornély
VFX Producer: Benjamin Cathala
VFX Coordinator: Mathilde Cohen-Selmon et toute l’équipe
VFX Supervisor: Franck Lambertz / Patrick Bennar
FX: Léon Rousseau
Lighting: Valentin Lesueur
Generalist: FX Gonnet, Aurélia Deleplanque, Marion Respaud
Flame: Sébastien Kremer, Franck Lambertz, Valentin Gingembre, Damien Canameras, Sébastien Aubert
Motion: Patrick Bennar, Jean-Yves Parent, Franck Maillet, Davide Mendes, Tanguy Puech, Julien Pinot, Manon Baillet
After: Giovanna Koua / Etienne Lunet
Colourist: Jean-Clément Soret (CO3)
Colourist Assistant: Loïc Lavaux / Violette Madrid-Labeyrie
Planning: toutes (y compris Sophie Ploye pour le labo)
Labo: Emilie Burgevin / Gabriel Fernandes / Mathieu Cavillon
MM / Roto / Clean: The Mill Bangalore

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