Barnardo’s – Mollusc

The Mill is extremely proud to have been an integral part in the creation of Barnardo’s Mollusc, a tender film…
Barnardo’s "Mollusc"
Case Study

The Mill is extremely proud to have been an integral part in the creation of Barnardo’s Mollusc, a tender film that depicts the emotionally crushing day-to-day experience of a 10-year-old British girl living through the pervasive impacts of the cost-of-living crisis. Her sense of disconnection is captured using the simple, but universally understood visual metaphor of a giant sea-snail shell that cuts her off from the world around her. The intervention of a specialist Barnardo’s support worker, offering her a safe space, allows her to open up and begin to reconnect.

Directed by award-winning duo DOM&NIC, through Outsider films, and creatively lead by the Don't Panic team, this campaign hopes to provide comfort for the many children and families who may be experiencing poverty and poor mental health as a result.

When reflecting on the project, DOM&NIC said "we are eternally grateful to our brilliant crew and post production partners, who so generously gave their time and skills for this special project." The craft of the production was incredibly important. The shell itself was created for real as a 3D-printed physical prop by Millennium FX and The Mill worked closely with the asset to plan, and later execute, the enhancements of it's cracks and edges. The team then replicated the shell and comped a whole host of them into the final scene, a vital component in emphasising the shared experience for the young girl. Working closely with the environments also, our talented 2D team were pivotal in emphasising the conditions of the family home, adding elements like mould to the interiors.

This was a fantastic project to work on and a piece that should have an incredibly positive impact.


Brand: Barnardo’s
Campaign: “Mollusc”
CEO: Lynn Perry
Director of Strategy and External Affairs: Debbie Moss
Director of Fundraising and Marketing: Rebecca Mauger
Head of Marketing & Brand: Sheona Mitchie
Senior Marketing Manager: Navneet Evans
Senior Creative Manager: Michael Walczak
Special Projects Assistant Director: Ruth Welford
Special Projects Project Manager: Jo Moon

Agency: Don’t Panic
Founder: Joe Wade
Creative Partner: Rick Dodds
Client and Commercial Partner: Jane Marshall
Strategy and Engagement Partner: Ellie Moore
Head of Client Services: Georgia Williams
Creative Director: George McCallum
Creative: Ada Rose
Designer: Ben Howell
Executive Producer: Jennifer Clare Houlihan
Senior Producer: Madeline Chapman
Senior Account Manager: Rheia Chand
Strategist: Anna Petrescu

Production Company: Outsider
Director: DOM&NIC
Executive Producer: Simon Elbourne
Producer: John Madsen
DOP: Chris Sabogal
Production Manager: Tom Benkins
Production Assistant: Rita Aboderin
Location Manager: Claire Tovey
1st AD: Ben Gill
2nd AD (1st Feb): Affi Robbani
2nd AD (2nd Feb): Charlotte Miller
Runner: Amaani Patel
Runner: Ashland Taylor
Runner: Rene Rehak
Runner: Brogan Cowie-Ferron
Focus Puller: Alexandra Voikou
Clapper Loader: Esther Mitchell & Dean Southan
Camera Car: Hank Vadim (℅ Lift & Shoot)
Sound Recordist: Matthew McCabe
Video Playback: Marc Booth & Tony Booth
Gaffer: Phil Penfold
Electricians: Jason Reynier, Saul Harris & Oscar Whaley
Production Designer: John Beard
Set Decorator: Niamh Coulter & James Janna Bartlett
Prop Men: Simon Clifft & Dan Munroe
Art Dept Runner: Liv Liu
Costume Designer: Tara Stift
Costume Assist: Tania Simone
Hair & Make up: Fiona Fellows
Hair & Make up Assist: Kate Simons
Medic: Verity Stacey
SFX/ Special Props: ℅ Millennium FX – Sharna Rothwell, Loren Clark & Kate Walshe
Film Lab: Kodak Film Labs / Digital Orchard

The Girl in the Shell: Imogen Shepherd
Barnardo’s Support Worker: Dixita Pandya
Mum: Chiarina Woodall
Librarian: Kate de Freitas
Smiling classmate: Ben Conner
Supporting artists: Sienna Culm, Kayla Thomas-Ryall

Edit: Final Cut
Editor: Ed Cheesman
Edit Producer: Nikki Porter

VFX: The Mill
VFX Supervisors: Leah Ayinde, Matt Mcdougal
VFX Producer: Elle Lockhart
CG Lead: Ivor Griffin
2D Lead: Leah Ayinde
2D Assist: Matt Mcdougal
Grade: Pete Oppersdorff
Colour Assists: Rory Leighton, Caitlin Donalson, Kennedy Dawson

Sound: String & Tins
Sound Design: Adam Smyth
Audio Producer: Ellie Hook
Foley: Cobblestone Foley
Music Supervisor: Sunny Kapoor
Music Supervision: Curation

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