Michelin – On the Road and Beyond!

Michelin is launching a new brand campaign titled “Sur la route et au-delà!”/ “On the road and beyond!” – reaffirming…
Michelin "On the Road and Beyond!"
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Michelin is launching a new brand campaign titled "Sur la route et au-delà!"/ "On the road and beyond!" - reaffirming its innovative DNA. Four years after the "Motion for life" campaign, which celebrated movement and the richness of its products and services, Michelin now highlights its unique expertise in material science and assembly.

This campaign showcases extraordinary innovations, such as an autonomous vehicle capable of exploring the moon with technologically advanced wheels, and a ship's wing designed to decarbonize maritime transport.

Directed by Henry Scholfield ( Wanda) and conceived by the BETC agency, the campaign employs a spectacular aesthetic that combines stunning cinematography and 3D effects, once again brought to life by the talented team at The Mill Paris. This TV campaign is complemented by a print campaign, also designed by the BETC agency with the Print service of The Mill Paris.

Launched in France in May, the campaign will be rolled out in nine other countries, including Spain, Italy, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

Discover the latest campaign below.

Motion For Life


Director : Henry Scholfield

Agency : BETC
President & Chief Creative Officer : Remi Babinet
Creative Director : Jérome Galinha
Art Director : Rayhaan Khodabux
Agency Producer : David Green

Production : Wanda
Producer : Olivier Dubocage
DOP : Rob Hardy
Head of production : Tom Bertrand

VFX Studio : The Mill Paris 
Executive Producer : Fabrice Damolini
VFX Producer : Sebastien Noyon
Shoot Supervisor : Stephane Allender
VFX Supervisor : Stephane Allender/Mathieu Caulet
CG Supervisor : Guillaume Dadaglio
Lead Animation : Alban Lelievre
Previz/animation :  Ganael Chevallier, Joellia Rose, Eléonore Saveri
Lighter/generalist : Guillaume Dadaglio, Adrien Avit, Eva Rogelin, Victoria Leger, Lucas Kraether, Valentin Lessueur, Alexandre Laroumet
FX : Stanis Alvarez, David Roubah
Lead Rigg : Marine Sisnaki
Rigg : Lucie Taglienti
Compositing : Vivien Ebran, Paul Goubet,
Print : Fabien Barrau
Lead Motion : Agathe Sayegh
Motion Design : Giovanna Koua, Julien Pinot, Patrick Bennar, Etienne Lunet
Flame : Stephane Allender, Mathieu Caulet, Valentin Gingembre
VFX Coordinator : Mathilde Cohen Selmon, Milan Vicet, Alex Dupouy
Digital Environment : Emilie Foure, Uma Aoki
Grading Assistant : Violette Madrid

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