O2 Priority

Bubl is back! Aging gracefully, they’re out on the town, enjoying all the exclusive benefits of Priority, O2’s award-winning customer…
O2 Priority
Case Study

Bubl is back! Aging gracefully, they're out on the town, enjoying all the exclusive benefits of Priority, O2’s award-winning customer rewards scheme.

For this fully integrated O2 campaign, VCCP’s global content creation studio Girl&Bear worked with director duo thirtytwo, Anonymous Content and The Mill to bring to life the new ‘Priority’ film.

The 40” AV follows brand character, Bubl and friends as they enjoy 48-hour presale access to book Priority Tickets, and other gig-going perks such as queue jump, visiting different O2 Academy venues to enjoy live music. They inevitably head to a kebab shop on their way home reliving the night out before catching the night bus home - depicting a raw, and realistic gig-going experience.

"From an animation perspective, The Mill team wanted Bubl to feel immersed in the group of friends, as opposed to being the sole focus of the spot" said Chris Welsby, Animation Lead. "To achieve this, we focused on subtle and naturalistic performances and layout choices, ensuring a candid nature to the shots and final result."

Bubl is another brilliant example of The Mill's ability to, not only bring brand characters to life, but also to develop those characters over time as brands evolve, creating a lasting connection with customers. Audiences have watched Bubl grow up, from ice-skating to raving, and partnering with an expert VFX team is the perfect way to ensure this character development remains consistent and authentic.

This campaign launched with an ITVX takeover and key weekend in Gogglebox and Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Also supported by Cinema, Radio, OLV and Social, as well as high-impact D/OOH across the National Rail and London Underground Network.

We can't wait to see what is next for Bubl!


Agency/Client: VCCP
Creative Director: David Masterman
Creatives: James Lucking-Pham & Filipe Birck
Senior TV Producer: Ed Mueller
Account Director: Luke Chaplin

Production Company: Anonymous
Edit House – The Assembly Rooms
Executive Producer – Daisy Mellors
Producer – George Saunders
Production Manager – Rachel Donson
DOP – Magnus Joenk

VFX: The Mill London
Senior Producer: Polly Roberts
Producer: Jamie Hughes
2D Lead: Vanessa Duquesnay
3D Lead: Ted Harrison
Animation Lead: Chris Welsby
2d Artists: Mithun Jacob Alex, Henry N’Guetta
Animator: Rachel Ward
Lighting: Giacomo Cavalletti, Tanjia Ljubimtseva
FX: Luke Dadley

VFX: The Mill Bangalore
Producer: Vikram Salvi
Production Coordinator: Dominic Chintada
Comp Supervisor: Nanda P V
Comp Lead: Hanuma Narasimha Kondepi
Comp Team: B Sudeep & Narina Satya Vasavi Kumar
Lighting Supervisor: Aritra Sarkar
Lighting Lead: Deepa Thapa
Lighting Team: Pintoo Kumar & Ojaswini Naygaonkar
Cleanup Supervisor: Sugumar S
Cleanup Lead: Kiran Veeraswarapu
CleanupTeam: Vallabhapuram Pavan Teja, Rahul Kumar, Vijay Mishra, Praneet Vivek Borkar, Suraj Vilas More, Praneet Vivek Borkar, Mohammad Sohel Khan, Bairi Rakesh
MM Supervisor: Rajnish Sharma
MM Lead: Akash Gade
MM Team: Typhan Rai, Mansi K, Jada Koteswararao, Abhishek Popat Pise, Rajkumar Gupta, Yashaswy Bulusu, Kiran Kharge, Mansi Kodikal, Kunnath Madhu Aswathi, Sathya Narayanan, Jampani Amarendra, Shreya Sanyal, Namrata Yadav
Assets Lead: Preksha Kumar
Assets Team: Sandip Dhole, Pratik Bhade
Rig Lead: Garlapati Yeswanth
Rig Team: Manthena Sainitesh Reddy
Roto Supervisor: Prasanta Maiti
Rot Lead: Prithviraj M B
Roto Team: Parthasarathy Rajaram, Rahul Prakash, Srivastava Sudha S Inamati, Vijay Kumar Shukla, Kishore R, Suresh K P, Radha Kumari, Bhanu Prakash Singh Thakur, Poromita Biswas, Kavarakutala Vishnu Prasad

Colour: Time Based Arts

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