Eurostar – Together We Go Further

The Mill Collaborates with Riff Raff and Adam & Eve to Showcase Eurostar’s Burgeoning Network. A one-of-a-kind campaign that utilises…
Eurostar "Together We Go Further"
Case Study

The Mill Collaborates with Riff Raff and Adam & Eve to Showcase Eurostar’s Burgeoning Network. A one-of-a-kind campaign that utilises various artistic styles to beautifully highlight the contrasting personalities of our favourite European cities.

The collaboration between The Mill, Eurostar, Riff Raff, and Adam & Eve resulted in a careful curation of artists, each chosen for their unique style that perfectly matched the destination they were tasked to depict. Together, they crafted illustrated versions of our leading ladies, infused with the distinctive personality of the destinations they represent.

The Mill’s Design Lead, Matthew Ben Campbell dives into a little more detail on the design process;

"The design process demanded meticulous attention to every detail. Balancing the artists' style, likeness of character, the representation of each of destination and the needs of the brand was challenging but extremely rewarding.

Once the foundations had been laid, with the backgrounds and styleframes signed off, 2D animation could begin. Here, we managed to get an incredible amount done in a short space of time. Our stars needed to be fully animated, backgrounds extended at times and, of course, various lighting effects added to each shot, all while maintaining the tone and style set by the director and artist.

The final result offers a wealth of captivating moments. I highly recommend rewatching it multiple times to fully savor its beauty and artistry."

Client: Eurostar
Agency: Adam & Eve
Producer: Hannah Needham
Production Company: Riff Raff
Producer: Jay Lovelock
Director: François Rousselet
Post Production Company: The Mill London
Executive Producer: Grace Thorpe
Producer: Jamie Hughes
Design Leads: Henry Foreman & Matthew-Ben Campbell
CG Supervisor: Fabian Frank
2D Leads: Matt McDougal, Dan Lorenzini
CG Generalist: William Fiorentini
Previs: Chris Welsby, Anthony Bloor
2D Artists: Marko Perendija
Post Production Company: The Mill Bangalore
Bangalore Producer: Zuber Khan
Production Coordinator – Dominic Xavier Ch
Paint Supervisor: Noushad Kallingal
Paint Leads: Asif Ansari, Sachin Ranaware
Paint Artists: Sukhwinde Singh, Shrikant B Gaddi, Ankit Panwar, Chanda Kumari, Pradeep Kankanala
Roto Lead: Yogesh Ahire
Roto Artists: Nikhil P Khobragade, Pratik K Sonkusale, Souvik Samadder, Ashish S Hiwale, Hrushikesh Tarade, Karthik A, Nilesh Kailash Netke, Rahul P Srivastava, Sriram Parameshwaran
MM Supervisor: Smijumon
MM Lead: Sainil S Bors
MM: Sarathkumar K, Sayed Hussain
DMP Lead: Swarup K Panigrahi
DMP: Amrut S Agasi, Sitaram N Wankhede
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Philip Hambi
2D Illustrators
Jiyoung Lee (The Mill)
Felipe Portugal
Joe Prytherch
Marvin Bruin
Nikita Kukolev
Amit Havatzelet
Bruno Diberkato
Motion Design & 2D Animation
Paul Hunt
Paul Bloomfield
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