Feature Film Title Sequence – Woof Woof Daddy

Avril He, Head of Production Shanghai shares, “This is the title sequence of a recently launched movie name Woof Woof…
Feature Film Title Sequence "Woof Woof Daddy"
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Avril He, Head of Production Shanghai shares, "This is the title sequence of a recently launched movie name Woof Woof Daddy. Starring Aaron Kwok, one of the most famous actor from Hongkong. Story is about a father magically return to his daughter as a dog after a tragic accident. 

This project started from year 2021. We worked closely together with director Lu Ke and Bang Bang Asia for this sequence. As the idea of this title sequence is to transform into a music box toy world, and pair with voice over of the daughter character when she was still a little girl, to deign that toy version of the scenes and characters base on actual footages was the key. 

From the concept design to asset build to animation and lighting, team spent long time crafting and finessing finest details. With great support from Bangalore team as well. 

We are very glad that this film is now finally on air, and allow us to proudly show this beautiful piece to everyone. "




Executive Producer 监制
Avril He 何叶

Producers 制片
Pooja Pandya

Line Producer 执行制片
Dipesh Mahesh Gajjarr

Production Coordinators 制作协调
Taruna Sehgal
Aditi Tiwari
Gaurav Joshi

VFX Supervisor 视效总监
Paolo Gnoni

3D Supervisors 三维总监
Kunal Sarkar
Vaibhav Gupta
Mahesh M S


Concept Artist 概念设计师
James Edward Bostock
Taylor He 何卓达


Asset Supervisor 资产主管
Aram Hakze

Asset Lead 资产首席
Vaibhav Gupta

Asset Artists 资产制作人员
Cathy Xi 奚颖婕
Bismark Pei 裴晨
Sumitha D
Sunku Ayusha
Sudalai Muthu Ramesh Pillai
Sindhuja M S
S Shashi Kumar
Smruti Prabhakar Satpute
Vivek Mayanglambam


Animation 动画制作人员
Alexey Petryaev
Cherish Zhou 周晨轩
Jade Ma 马靖婉
Voach Wang 王宸
Ambalika Nandy


Lighting 打光制作人员
Yao Zhang 张曜
Limei Li 李丽美


Comp Supervisor 合成总监
Zhong Yan Dai 戴仲焱

Comp Artist 合成制作人员
Chloe Gao 高淑婷
Minnie Chen 陈敏


Matchmove Lead 跟踪制作首席
Elangovan Ganeshan

Matchmove Artist 跟踪制作人员
Mohammad Qasim

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