HPE – Wise Moves

Brief In this film, we embarked on the challenge of creating a transformative office space that evolves alongside the dynamic…
HPE "Wise Moves"
Case Study


In this film, we embarked on the challenge of creating a transformative office space that evolves alongside the dynamic nature of modern business. The objective of our campaign was to convey continuous adaptability, exemplified by the office space transforming around our central business figure.


To achieve this, we implemented a range of innovative techniques, each contributing to the seamless and captivating visual narrative. Much of the action was achieved through meticulous object removal and reintroduction, showcasing our attention to detail.

The tumbling hallway was constructed using a combination of rotating practical camera footage and stills of set pieces, resulting in a visually compelling sequence. The skyline shots, initially captured as practical plates, underwent extensive alterations to showcase our hero building while avoiding legal clearances. We introduced fluctuations in the sky, lighting, shadows, and reflections to infuse the shots with lifelike realism. As our building is in constant motion, we meticulously animated shadows throughout the office, enhancing the overall sense of dynamism.

2D Lead, David Piombino

The connection between office and work-from-home environments was carefully pre-vised to align overhead cameras and focal length. The staircase, a full 3D build, allowed for auditioning various animation options before settling on a staggered version, utilizing backroom lighting for dramatic effect. Originally not intended as a VFX shot, the 3D stair animation was repurposed by re-projecting the plate onto it.

Primitive rectangles were employed to align the view of our containership, with stock footage projected onto them to achieve the proper perspective. The ocean containers were projected onto a card, simulating the observation deck glass. Inside the office, a clean-painted environment provided a backdrop for isolated object reintroduction through animation. The staircase, backwall, and pillars were seamlessly replaced with their 3D animated counterparts.

The boardroom scene was crafted through parallaxing matte paintings, animated shadows, and extensive rotoscoping, resulting in a visually rich and dynamic composition.

2D Lead, David Piombino

Client: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Agency: Digitas
Producer: Dana Thompson
Creative: Sam Bruehl

Production Company
Production Company: Reset
Director: Luke Taylor, Chris Barrett
Executive Producer: Michael Garza

VFX: The Mill
Creative Director: Alvin Cruz, Jimmy Bullard
Managing Director: Angela Lupo
Executive Producer: Mandy Harris
Producer: Catherine Fischer , Karthi Gnanasekar
VFX Supervisor: Jeff Lopez
2D Lead: David Piombino
3D Lead: Jeff Lopez, Eva Kuehlmann
Concept Artist: Roger Hom
BLR Producer: Karthi Gnanasekar
Production Coordinator: Ronny Stillwell
BGLR Production Coordinator: Ankita Tare
Compositing: Jake Nelson, Chris Russo, Felipe Passarini, Richard Aponte, Renato Carone, Adwait Atul Page, Bairi Rakesh, Marcelo Pasqualino, Ben Morse, Gijo George, Gopi Veeran, Jegathesan T, Jiin You, Katelyn Veneman, Maniteja Kandala, Nanda Kumar Perumal Pillai, Phillip Massimino, Ragesh Ramchandran, Stevenson Gnanapragasa Sambathkumar, Sudeep Bandi, Yasasvini Vagampalli
Lighting: Bua Kanjanapongporn, Avinash Kumar, Deepa Thapa, nilangshu Majumdar, Ravi Kant, Rushabh Madalkar, Ryan Harper, Sujith Sasankan, Vishwajeet Nandagawle
Rigging: Daishi Takishima
Animation: Sukanta Chakraborty, Gokul GS, Harshit S, Kishor Apune, Lokesh Maddela, Mithun Narayanan, Swapnil BharatNerkar, Vinod Kumar Darapu
Assets: Aman Jain, Animesh Gogoi, Arnab Bhattacharya , Laxmi Rai, Manda Jagadeesh, Ritika Das, Samir Solomon

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Peter Oppersdorff
Resource Manager, Colour: Jemma Beaumont
Colour Assists: Caitlin Donaldson, Kennedy Dawson, Rory Leighton

Editorial: Trim Editing
Editor: Tom Lindsay

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