Hypebeast – Genesis X Concept 2-Door GT

Behind the Scenes We joined forces with Genesis to create a film of epic proportions for the Genesis X Concept…
Hypebeast "Genesis X Concept 2-Door GT"
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Behind the Scenes

We joined forces with Genesis to create a film of epic proportions for the Genesis X Concept 2-Door GT. The film, directed by The Mill's Andrew Proctor and developed by our Creative Strategy team, channels the cars elegant and athletic design while placing emphasis on the manufacturer’s signature “two lines” aesthetic.

Our Creative Strategy team worked directly with Hyundai to devise the concept for the spot, with the brand wanting to showcase its luxury design, two-lined headlights and tail-lights of the electric vehicle.

Genesis had found themselves in a bit of a spot. As the luxury arm of the Hyundai Motor Group, they had been rapidly building a strong reputation in Korea. Through daring designs and wild concept cars they had begun to turn the heads of a younger generation of motorist—an audience that traditionally preferred non-domestic luxury cars like Mercedes or BMW. This was a big development for Genesis and the brand was looking to build on it, expanding their audience globally. They felt their new model, the X Concept GT, was the car to do it... But the pandemic made things tricky.

For all its innovation, the motor industry can be surprisingly traditional. The way a brand like Genesis normally builds buzz for a concept car is through motor shows. (You remember shows? Busy, physical, indoors-y.) But in Covid Times, shows were off the table. So, Genesis called Hypebeast to explore other angles, keen to reach that crucial younger audience. And then Hypebeast called us. Together, we talked and brainstormed and wrote some ideas and we began to understand that the lack of physical shows was very much an opportunity; a chance to connect with our audience in a more thrilling way.

We knew we could use CG to build an amazing concept car—one that was accurate and detailed and felt photo-real—but we could also do so much more. (Preferably while blasting down the tarmac at 200 miles per hour.) We just needed the right person in the driving seat. And that was Andrew Proctor.

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