Mugler – Angel Elixir

More than 30 years after its original release, the iconic Angel perfume by Mugler is back with Angel Elixir. This…
Mugler "Angel Elixir"
Case Study

For this film, I had to create the crystal dress. I made everything on Houdini in FX, well more in detail, I created a procedural set-up to have a cloud of dots on the dress so I could quickly control/edit all the crystals together rather than individually. A few months ago I had worked on a project with a monster covered in crystals so I already had an idea of how to proceed for this Mugler dress.
After sending us references, the creative director at Mugler, Casey Cadwallader, came to our studio in Paris to work with me on the dress. He had a very clear idea of the placement and aesthetic he wanted so our discussions were very fluid. We had to understand that the dress evolves on the actress' body according to the impact of the light. It was very interesting for me because I really felt like I was doing high fashion VFX.
We also had the chance to work with director Quentin Deronzier with whom I had already collaborated on the video "You Right" by Doja Cat and The Weeknd. Quentin has a background in 3D so he has a global understanding of the post production world. He trusted us from beginning to end and it's always nice to work in these conditions.
The bonus was the team at The Mill Paris because I was lucky to meet up with former colleagues and sometimes even friends. We did most of the work in remote, without any worries because we all knew each other strengths and weaknesses for a long time. From my pint of view it's a very elegant project with a lot of attention to detail and an incredible team in every way, I think it's hard to ask for as an artist!

Benjamin Lenfant, FX artist

The production company La Pac, with whom we are used to working, contacted us last October for our 3D expertise.
The film is split in two parts with traditional 3D made by La Pac at the beginning and a very dreamy conclusion with a stardust dress, requiring the support of our studio's 3D and FX expertise. Cayse Cadwallader - Mugler's creative director with whom we had already worked on Megan Thee Stallion's "Plan B" music video - gave us sketches of the dress. This dress is a reinterpretation of a Thierry Mugler glass dress, so Casey Cadwallader gave us a lot of references. We discussed a lot together with Quentin Deronzier to choose the right VFX look for the dress. It was my first time working with Quentin Deronzier and it was a great experience. His vision was very precise and added to Mugler's art direction and the VFX expertise of The Mill artists, the result is great. It was a very interesting and challenging project, and as usual we were able to find solutions as a team.

Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director of Mugler

Making high-fashion visual effects is possible! For Mugler's latest "Angel Elixir" campaign, our artists created a stunning FX dress worn by Euphoria star Hunter Schaefer.

Casey Cadwallader, Mugler's Creative Director, came to our Paris studio to guide our artists in the creation of the dress. Used as a conclusion to the advert, the dress had to reinterpret Thierry Mugler's original creation while respecting the brand's identity.
A successful gamble as the stars are suitable to dress the actress in light and invite women to live without limits.

Didn't see the interview with director Quentin Deronzier? You can watch it here.

Quentin Deronzier, Director

Earlier this year, The Mill Paris unveiled an FX dress worn by actress Hunter Schaefer for Mugler's latest "Angel Elixir" campaign. Director Quentin Deronzier was interviewed by Mugler to reveal his creative vision and the behind-the-scenes of the shoot. For this film, our artists were in charge of the Visual Effects showcased in the final shots and particularly the dazzling outfit worn by Hunter Schaefer. It was necessary to give the impression that all the stars were converging to dress the actress in light, while respecting the initial haute couture piece created by Thierry Mugler.
This is not the first time the talented director has partnered with our studio, as evidenced by Doja Cat's "You Right" video featuring The Weeknd.


Agency : Publicis Luxe
Production : La Pac
Director : Quentin Deronzier
Post production : The Mill Paris
Executive Producer : Claire Garraud, Cécile Hubin
VFX Producer : Benjamin Cathala
VFX Supervisor : Alexis Baillia
CG Supervisor : William Untereiner
Shoot Supervisor : Patrick Bennar
Modeling & Environnement : Arnaud Prat
Rigging : Marine Sisnaki
Animation : Ludovic Martin
FX : Benjamin Lenfant, William Untereiner, Léon Rousseau
Lighting : Morgan Sagel, Mathias Barday, Richard Rampaly
Compositing : Morgan Sagel, Arthur Sayanoff, Jeremie Bouvier, Eric Lemains, Florian Velasco, Mathias Barday, Richard Rampaly
Flame : Alexis Baillia, Aurélien Teurlai
Colourist : Arthur Paux

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