Salomon – Welcome Back to Earth

Salomon, the French outdoor specialist, invites us to take a breath of fresh air and reconnect with nature in its…
Salomon "Welcome Back to Earth"
Case Study

Salomon, the French outdoor specialist, invites us to take a breath of fresh air and reconnect with nature in its latest brand campaign directed by Martin de Thurah and created by the agency DDB.

"Welcome Back to Earth" highlights the benefits of outdoor physical activity on our quality of life and mental health. With majestic settings filmed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, or Cortina d'Ampezzo in the Italian Dolomites, Salomon invites its viewers to detach from technology and the constant stress of the city to reconnect with nature. Forget the feeling of oppression we inflict on ourselves by living in urban environments and rediscover the sense of freedom that comes with being in nature. "Welcome Back to Earth" is an antidote to urban life saturated with technology and disruptive elements, a refreshing return to our roots. By inviting us to adventure and discovery, Salomon not only promotes its products but aspires to a lifestyle where well-being takes precedence.

The main 90-second film was launched globally, with a 30-second version planned for the Super Bowl LVIII in New York and San Francisco, as well as during the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Salomon and director Martin de Thurah's request was clear: to produce a powerful brand story that goes beyond simple product promotion but offers a genuine opportunity for introspection on our urban lifestyle. The artists at The Mill Paris engaged in extensive conversations with the director and DOP Casper to understand their universe, creative intentions, and language. Our artists skillfully combined techniques, creating some shots entirely through compositing, others entirely in CG like the Vortex, and some with the assistance of artificial intelligence during the research phase. An agile blend of technologies, combined with the creative expertise of our artists, who treated each shot as a complete scene before uniting them in a harmonious and poetic 30-second sequence.

Alexis Baillia, VFX Supervisor said "For this campaign, we utilized a variety of techniques including CG, motion, compositing, and many others to create a 30-second sequence depicting the protagonist's introspection. Exchanges with Martin de Thurah were crucial in understanding his vision and crafting imagery that served the brand's message. Extensive use of artificial intelligence expedited finding the right color grading and graphical style, pushing the boundaries of our creativity within a tight timeframe. However, AI alone is insufficient without the creative expertise of our team, which reconstructs concepts to deliver powerful images in line with the director's vision. Martin de Thurah sought organic imagery for viewer identification, posing our primary challenge. We collaborated between flame and motion design to evoke maximum emotion. Each frame required reflection on psychological concepts to materialize introspection on screen and enable viewer engagement with the brand. This creative journey, which I had the pleasure of overseeing, was made possible by an exceptional team of artists."

Laura Roddier, VFX Producer said "Collaborating with Martin de Thurah (director) and Alexis (VFX supervisor) was fantastic; they both have a keen eye for perfection. Working with such dedicated individuals is truly fulfilling. Congratulations to the entire team for their outstanding work and unwavering positivity throughout the production. Our in-house team demonstrated exceptional commitment and attention to detail. The positive working environment was palpable, and I believe it greatly contributed to the exceptional final result."


Brand : Scott Mellin, Jason Israel, Benjamin Aidan, Marion Blache, Sofia Ahnebrink, Alexander Van Ostruum, Alexandre Huno

Agency : DDB Paris

Creative direcor : Alexander Kalchev

Art Director : Yassine Ouadah-Tsabet

Copywritter : Benoit Ouhlen

TV Producer Quentin Moenne Loccoz

Post-Producer : Jérôme Deplatiere

Production Print : Chloé Travaillard, Corinne Vuilliez, Erick Barbotte

Planning : Clara Vincent

Agency managers : Xavier Mendiola, Olivier Guillerot, Julia Saumande, Tom Salvan


Director : Martin de Thurah

DOP : Kasper Tuxen

Photographer : Jake Jones

Production : Henry

Executive Producer : Jean Ozannat

Producer : Gaelle Delaporte

Post Producer : Clément Pignal

Service Producer : Rok Orazem, Lada Sekulic

Production coordinator : Marie Mezeray

VFX Studio : The Mill Paris

Executive Producer : Lionel Juglair

VFX producer : Laura Roddier

Editors : Peter Brandt (Brand Film), Francesco Roma (Category Films), Antonin Brones (Category Films) Chloé Charrier (The Mill)

VFX Supervisor : Alexis Baillia

Flame : Alexis Baillia, Sébastien Kremer, Valentin Gingembre

Colour : Jean Clément Soret

Assistante étalonnage : Violette Madrid-Labeyrie

Motion : Jean Yves Parent, Émilie Fouré, Olivier Jarry, Michael Moercant, Julien Pinot, Manon Baillet, Tanguy Puech, Julien Maurin

3D Environment: Stanis Alvarez

Sound production : Ballad Copenhagen

VFX Support : The Mill Bangalore

Producer: Zuber Khan
PC: Dominic Xavier
Supervisor cleanup: Noushad Kallingal
Lead cleanup: Sachin Ranaware

Cleanup artist : Ankit Panwar, Sagar Gawande, Shrikant Bhimashankar Gaddi, Avinash Sangate, Shailesh Madhav, Chetan Shelar, Sachin Rameshwar Mundhe, Amit Karnik

Roto Supervisor: Sivakumar R
Roto lead: Md Gazzali
Roto artist : Sudev S, Amara Gokul Sainath, Mayur Chandrakant Kothawade, Abhay Singh Chauhan, Soumalya Bhattacharyya, Tribhuwan Kumar, Shivani Kumari, Rahul Jagtap, V Harish, S Nikhilesh, Himanshu Mohan Ahirrao

Matchmove Supervisor: Elangovan
Matchmove Lead: Sagar Rana
Matchmove artist : Sushant Lavhande, Nagendra R, Shubham Sah, Mubin Munaf Qureshi

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