Rabanne – Fame starring Elle Fanning

After the launch of the connected fragrance Phantom in 2021, Paco Rabanne introduces us to the female counterpart of his…
Rabanne "Fame starring Elle Fanning"
Case Study

After the launch of the connected fragrance Phantom in 2021, Paco Rabanne introduces us to the female counterpart of his robot with his fragrance “Fame”. With its chrome bottle and intoxicating scents, Fame is avant-garde, feminine and irresistibly Parisian. To embody the very essence of modern femininity, combining simplicity and elegance, the Paco Rabanne brand has chosen actress Elle Fanning.

For this beauty film, the challenge was to give a soul and an identity to the Fame robot without over-animating its members or giving it an expression. To do this, our artists modelled the bottle in 3D before animating it slightly and integrating it into each shot to create a connection between the actress’ character and the Fame character. Our artists also reworked the environment with matte painting, inlaying the reflections of the city of Paris and the actress’ face in the film. They also played with the lighting to bring brilliance and realism to the character before recreating shadows and harmonising the film with the flame.

This film is a continuation of the trusting partnership established over the last years between our studio The Mill Paris studio and Paco Rabanne.


Production : Diplomat
Director : Lope Serrano
DOP : Darius Khondji
Editor : Pietro De Zano
Dircut : Carlos Font Clos

Post production : The Mill Paris
Executive producer : Cécile Hubin, Cédric Negrel
VFX Producer : Stéphanie Mollet, Marie-cécile Juglair
VFX Supervisor : Franck Lambertz
CG Supervisor : Mickael Girod
VFX Coordinator : Mathilde Cohen-Selmon, Ewan Rosenstrauch
Concept Artist : Nathan Lucas
Rig : Marine Sisnaki
Modeling & Environement : Mickael Girod
Matte Painting : François Belliart
Animation : Julien Ebel, Maurine Faubert, Hervé Anceau
FX : Benjamin Lenfant, Alexandre Guillamier
Intern : Jérémy Gravinay
Lighting : Valentin Lesueur, Yohan Grau
Compositing : Eric Lemains, Olivier Boutry
Flame : Franck Lambertz, Sébastien Aubert, Alexis Baillia, Sébastien Kremer, Aurélien Teurlai
Motion ; Alexandre Tarquini
After : Julien Maurin, Etienne Lunet, Jean-Martin Mossu, Manon Baillet, Mickael Moercant, Maxime Cordier, Olivier Jarry, Agathe Sayegh, Etienne Lunet.
Colourist : Jean Clément Sorret, Nicolas Guibert (web)
Colourist Assistant : Lois Lavaux
Planning : Annabel Annabel Akerboom, Sophie Mail, Isabelle Renaud

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